Asking forgiveness is worth it.

5 Ways To Ask For Forgiveness

As the song goes, sorry seems to be the hardest word. And I am so sure, we can all relate to this. Mind you, this goes both ways. What I mean is that: accepting forgiveness isn't exactly a walk in the park. At times, I even think, based on experience, it's even harder than asking […]
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Never compromise your credibility.

5 Things That Affect Your Credibility Negatively

Credibility. Integrity. Authenticity.Three core values that I keep closest to my heart. Seriously though. On a personal note, words can't express the importance of these three when it comes to one's personal and professional life, so to speak. Time and again, I have proven to myself that by being able to uphold my own core […]
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There's more to life outside of work.

5 Regrets In Life You Should Avoid Having At All Costs

We only live once.Therefore it's very important to live life fully. Amen. I truly believe in this. You see, through the years, I have seen and experienced losing people close to my heart, albeit too sudden at times, due to sickness or unfortunate events. Trust me, not an easy space to be in, whether you're […]
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Celebrate yourself

Why You Have To Celebrate Yourself

Good news are meant to be shared.And that includes your own. Yup, you and your success also deserve to be recognized. Feel uncomfortable about it? Take this time to assess why sharing your wins with others as you celebrate yourself and your success, makes you cringe or hold back in the process. Is it the […]
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Make better decisions in life.

How To Make Better Decisions In Life

Quick question: what's one decision you regret making in your life?Oops, I think I hit a nerve there. Ok, before you palpitate too much, know that you're not alone. I mean one way or another, as we age, we realize that not all the decisions we made in our lives worked for us. So stop […]
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keep living

Keep Living

Keep living.This quote from the movie "A Man Called Otto" really touched my heart in a different way. Ok so if you haven't seen this life changing film yet starring Tom Hanks, then this is your sign to finally do so. It's basically a film about moving on and forward after a traumatic event. I […]
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