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You’ve probably been told “No” before, that you weren’t good enough or smart enough or that you didn’t have enough experience. What you do know is that you have crazy dreams that are worth chasing.
If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your growth, willing to commit to becoming your best, and see the value professional life coaching brings, then this website is for you.
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How can we best work together?


I mix and match effective coaching disciplines to maximize my client’s potential and allow them to take a leap of faith to where they’re meant to be.

Special Program

Jumpstart your growth by exploring how we can expand your skillset or deepen your coaching practice. Grow in your space and at your own pace.

Want to help others as you maximize your own potential?

Destination Certification

Transform your career with a world-class certification program that rewards your learning and upskilling like never before. Gain valuable skills and experience in a dynamic and engaging environment, all while enjoying the beauty of our idyllic setting.
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Group Goal Amplification Program

Achieving success is a team effort. This program is tailored to help you set achievable goals, track progress, and celebrate success as a team.
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Want to jumpstart your personal happiness and growth?


Discover your best self and find your bliss with our coaching retreat. This program is designed to help you connect with your inner self, gain clarity and focus, and develop the skills you need to become your own #bestmeever.
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Pocket Coach

Experience larger than life clarity in the convenience of pocket-sized virtual coaching sessions. This program is designed to help you achieve your goals with the support of our expert coaches in a virtual setting that fits into your busy schedule.
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#bestmeever Coaching Certification Program

Ever dreamed of changing lives for the better, feeling genuinely happy and fulfilled with what you do and earning wherever you are in this world?

If the answer is yes, then this certification program is for you.

Yup, this is your sign to join the #bestmeever Life Coaching + Mental Wellness Certification Program to be facilitated by yours truly (ahem, ahem...haha!), a multi-awarded, International Coaching Federation - PCC Level Global Master Coach with extensive experience in handling mental health cases from all over the globe.

What You Will Learn:
* Learn about coaching, its impact in today's world, trends and best practices globally
* Learn about the patented B.E.S.T. and H.E.A.L. coaching models, proven to help you navigate through life and mental health issues with the greatest of ease.
*Learn about the International Coaching Federation, the largest and most prestigious global organization of professional coaches, its core competence and code of ethics
* Learn about the various kinds of saboteurs and how to deal with them
* Learn to find your niche and own coaching style along the way
* Learn how you can jumpstart your own coaching practice there after

And most importantly:
* Learn more about yourself through deep dives and actual coaching demos

How The Class Will Be Delivered:
Lectures. Interactive Discussion. Case Studies. Role Playing. Individual and Group Introspections. Worksheets.

What's Included In the Package:
3-days full training with working module
AM and PM Snacks, Plated Lunch
Overflowing coffee and Tea
2 Certificates provided by Best Me Ever Professional Coaching, Training and Development Services, a duly-recognized company under the Philippine Government

Freebies (Post Certification Support):
3 Group Mentoring Sessions
1 One on One Coaching Session
1-year Coach Listing on

Payment Terms:
Cash: P40,000
Via BDO, BPI or GCash
Major Credit Cards accepted via PayPal

3-months (September to November): P13,888 per month x 3

Group Promo:

Now if you've reached this far and you are ready to embark on this one of a kind coaching journey as you become your 
#bestmeever, kindly click the button below to register.
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Limited slots only so don't miss this chance to invest on yourself and your growth.

I look forward to having you in class!

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See What My Clients Have to Say

  • Coach Myke is very supportive and challenging as a life coach. He guides me and pushes me towards who I want to become. He pushes me when I’m optimistic, motivated, and confident, while empathizing, understanding, and inspiring me when I’m down and confused. He helped me grow not only professionally but with my personal achievements and my love life. He has unleashed me to become Naoe 2.0 (BestMeEver) and I’m hoping to continuously work and improve myself along with Coach Myke. Highly Recommended!
    Naoe Miyata
    CEO at EN Innovation
  • My life before Coach Myke Celis was unclear and disorganized, it was full of self-doubt and anxiety. When I met him, I felt that God has answered what I’ve been praying for a long time- To find someone who listens without judgment, who speaks my language, understands my struggles, and will guide me and bring me clarity to what I really want to become and what my purpose in this planet is. He made me believe that I can be more than just a woman, I am me, I can make a difference, and I have something special to do in this world. If I can describe him in one word, I’d say, he is “MAGICAL”. So if you want to transform and experience the #bestmeever, just remember the name “Myke Celis”.
    Nira Macaspac
    Women Transformational Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer (Subic, Philippines)
  • Myke has been a pillar, supporting me through tough times. Myke has given me confidence in myself again and made me believe in my dreams. My amazing coach!
    Karim Dakki
    Chief Operating Officer and Start Up Mentor (Dubai, UAE)
  • Myke is a positive and powerful force of nature. In every role, whether as speaker, host, coach, or simply friend, Myke adds light to all those he encounters. He is engaging, compassionate, committed, and authentic and consistently understands which pieces of his incredible personal story to share for the greatest impact. Connect with him and he will absolutely help you become your #bestmeever.
    Dan Mcpherson
    CEO/Founder, Leaders Must Lead and Dreams Are Real, International Speaker & Business Coach (Michigan, USA)
  • Myke is not only my life coach but my friend as well. Through is step by step process in coaching, I was able to get clarity in my personal and professional career goals as a trainer and coach. Two months into the coaching process and I was able to discover my #bestmeever!
    Huong Nguyen
    CEO, Golden Communication Group, Trainer and Executive Coach (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
  • If you are feeling lost with yourself or you are staying at a crossroad where you do not know what is next; or you are finding the way to reach the higher level, Coach Myke is the right one for you. He helped me achieve my professional career goals and my personal life goals too. Thank you so much Coach for being with me at the right time. Wish you always healthy and help more unicorns all over the world.
    Hoa Truong
    HR Consultant, Business Coach (Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • Be the best YOU ever with Myke Celis. Myke is kind and compassionate. He teaches you how to CRUSH IT through life to become your best self. As a professional counselor, best-selling Amazon author, Udemy instructor and international healer I highly recommend Myke Celis to help you discover your life purpose and grow and bloom.
    Joan Kaylor
    Professional Counselor, Best Selling Author, EFT Therapist (Pennsylvania, USA)
  • The realization that life always does have its ups and downs but the choice is always there for you to get back up or to remain down. You have all the power, you alone, in your mind and heart to succeed. Thinking positively is free and you can make dreams come to life if you want it so bad. Nothing beats persistence and hard work and the spirit to do the things that make you the best that you can become. Thank you Coach Myke!
    Weng Dela Pena
    Broadcaster, News Anchor of GMA 7 (Manila, Philippines)
  • Coach Myke helped me let go of negative thoughts and self doubts and allowed me to find love, happiness and peace from within — a struggle I had for so many years. I can’t wait to see who I can become in this new chapter of my life which you have helped open for me! Thank you and I love you Coach!
    Anna Chernaya
    Business Consultant (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Myke coaches with empathy and I can feel his sincere support. He helped unfold something that is deep in me which I completely ignored and he made me believe that I can be my #bestmeever.
    Sylvia Tan
    PR Executive, NLP Master Coach (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Coach Myke’s detailed and methodical approach to coaching is not something you can pick up from a book or watching videos online-you really have to experience him for yourself. Coach Myke’s program has literally improved all facets of my life and I am very thankful for it. 11/10 I would recommend him to anyone who wants personal and professional growth.
    Benny Grey Runas
    Business Woman, Author, Educator (Manila, Philippines)
  • Myke is a life changer, a gifted coach and whole hearted person.

    In a few months of work together I have noticed his impact and my life changed since then… and for sure positively thanks to his eye opening questions, game of life plans and never ending smiles.

    I have restarted believing in my worth, celebrating my life journey, believing in my dreams and working towards achieving them again.

    Myke is a structured, enthusiastic, energetic and always sparkling unicorn.
    Meriem Tamarzizt
    Business Strategy Consultant, Gap Leadership Executive (France)
  • I first met Myke in 2007 when I was still working for the country’s biggest conglomerate.

    Myke became a good friend and an online coach. For years, it has been a joy reading his inspiring posts on Facebook and Instagram. He is full of positivity, enthusiasm, faith, hope and he inspires me to be my best. His journey to #bestmeever is encouraging and heartfelt. His thoughts are practical and easy to understand. I sincerely thank him for being there every time.

    Celine Arenillo
    Director of Marketing Communications, Sedona Hotel (Yangon, Myanmar)
  • Coach Myke is heaven-sent for me to find my true self. Now, I am more than contented living my #bestmeever!
    Merci Hilario
    Managing Director, Max’s and Roman Baths (Manila, Philippines)
  • Myke is one of my best co-hosts in the radio industry. Very eloquent and knowledgeable!

    As a coach and as a friend, he’s very dependable and he really finds time to guide me in my decisions.
    Tere Gonzales
    Radio DJ, 91.5 Win Radio (Manila, Philippines)
  • My journey with Coach Myke has allowed me to re-learn myself in ways that I thought would never have been possible.

    It allowed me to work on my blindspots and view my experience with others through a different lens.

    Ultimately, It has afforded me to appreciate life for what it truly can be, and enjoy the journey with happiness and fulfillment.
    Juan Paolo Hilario
    President – Lay Bare (Manila, Philippines)
  • I have been privileged to see Myke in action in talks & workshops he delivered to my team and I must say that he has the unique gift of bringing out the truth of how you see yourself and the things that are blocking you from being the best version of yourself. His questions are spot on, direct and devoid of judgment. And what is surprising is that the resulting solutions are what you have long known within yourself but never recognized until he brings them to the fore. What comes out of his sessions is his desire to help you achieve your lifelong dreams and invitation for you to take the brave, bold steps to become your #bestmeever. 😊
    Ocel Fabian
    Former Bank Vice President, Multi-Awarded Branch Head, Pru Life UK (Manila, Philippines)
  • If you want a splash of positivity in your life, I’d encourage you to reach out to Coach Myke.

    There’s something about his energy that will make you feel so joyful about life, even if you feel you’ve lost that spark for a while. He’ll support you to find the clarity you need and help you to love yourself again.
    Dr. Emee Estacio
    Psychologist, International Best Selling Author (United Kingdom)
  • My business in branding and creativity demands an expert with clarity and confidence and Coach Myke enlightened me how to strengthen those attributes further.
    Carla Cabrera
    Chief Branding Strategist, Creatio7 Asia, CEO and Empowerment Coach-Mrs. Philippines Globe (Manila, Philippines)
  • Sessions with Coach Myke make me feel like a protagonist or a hero in good movie.

    He creates a space where I can freely do introspection and self –discovery and that makes me want to achieve those unarticulated dreams and ambitions without much hesitation.

    He requires authenticity and reciprocates it for meaningful conversations to take place. Letting go of defenses and emotional shield allows him to connect better.

    I always look forward to engaging because I love the feeling it leaves… elated, safe and validated.
    Janette Uson
    Senior Manager For Ethical Marketing Training-Unilab (Manila, Philippines)
  • Myke has an amazing skill of being able to pinpoint the right thing at the right time.
    He is able to take a gather information and ask you a question, seemingly out of left field, but the importance of it and accuracy of it is spot on and allows you to see things in a completely different perspective.

    I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing Myke at TedX. He is very gifted in story telling and delivers powerful messages in a very engaging way while allowing himself to be very open.

    I would recommend Myke to anyone who is looking for coaching.
    Colin Pugh
    Team Head Of Digital Channels Delivery, TMB Bank (Thailand)

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