We only live once.
Therefore it's very important to live life fully.


I truly believe in this.

You see, through the years, I have seen and experienced losing people close to my heart, albeit too sudden at times, due to sickness or unfortunate events.

Trust me, not an easy space to be in, whether you're the one on the death bed or the one visiting.

You get to realize many things. Like many.

While hopefully a lot of them are happy ones, you can't help but think about those that make you regret having to be feeling helpless in the now.

I want you to take this moment to reflect:

If you were to go unexpectedly (sincerely praying hopefully not), what would be your biggest regret in life?

I feel you. Quite a heavy topic.

But such an eye opener.

Imagine: how many "what ifs" do you still have now?

What are you wishing that could have happened differently?


With that awareness right now, hopefully you can prevent them from happening eventually.

Allow me to share with you the 5 regrets in life you should avoid having at all costs:

  1. Letting your work take over your life

You've heard me say this time and again: work is not life. While it's important to earn a living, it's far more important to enjoy life outside of work. No one will exactly remember your position, how much you earned or what exactly your job was. Your true value lies on how much you've grown on a personal note and how many lives you have touched and changed in the process, including your own. The key here is to work smart and manage your time, energy and resources well so that you can enjoy and explore the beauty of life outside of your 8-hour shift. Trust me, you can never compare the joy you will experience outside of your office, because you shouldn't be a prisoner of your own responsibility to pay your bills. There are other ways. Most of them can be done outside of your self-imposed work trap.

2. Not being able to say or express your true feelings

Say what you want to say, do what you want to do, for as long as you will take responsibility for them. You deserve to be heard, seen and felt-- never let anyone or anything make you feel otherwise. A lot of opportunities and beautiful relationships go to waste simply because you held back. So speak your mind and heart and allow yourself to receive what is due to you: a response that will help you grow there after.

3. Trying to be liked by everyone

You weren't born to please everyone and your happiness does not depend on anyone else's approval. Take that to heart. You don't have to force yourself in relationships or spaces you don't really fit in to. Happiness is a matter of choice and that means choosing what's best for you, and that includes the people who will genuinely love and support you for who and what you are. You're not everyone's cup of tea and that's perfectly ok. Because for all you know, they aren't yours, too.

4. Setting aside your dreams and passion

Doing what you love best and being the person you're meant to be make life worth living. Never be too distracted, pressured or caught up with a lot of unnecessary things in life that you forget about what really makes your heart skip a bit. Remember: you are never too young, too old or too busy to pursue your passion and live your aspirations. You just have to consciously make that choice: to feel worthy of your biggest dreams and of becoming the person you're meant to be: your own #bestmeever .

5. Not embracing your true self

Self-acceptance is key if you truly want to live a happy, full life. Know that as you are, you are very much deserving to take up space, to be respected and recognized and loved fully so never short change yourself by hiding behind a socially-constructed facade. You don't have too. Why pretend when you can live your purpose unapologetically? The rest of your life gets better that way. Don't let others take the lead, after all, you know yourself best.

After reading through all these, may you realize what matters most in this life time:
Your genuine happiness and growth.
Never too late to begin living life regret-free.