5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Know If You’re In The Right Job

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Fact: Work is not life.
But that doesn’t mean you have to take whatever job you have just to pay the bills.

With the exception of those undergoing much financial stress and left with no option, of course.

I mean seriously, how do you find the job you have now?

I want you guys to reflect:

How’s the job you have now? The environment you’re working in? The perks?

Come from a space of honesty and realize by doing so, you allow yourself to acknowledge what you need to act on and how to go about the next steps there after.

And no, this is not a call for you to resign or quietly quit. So please tell your boss and the HR not to blame me. Haha!

This is your sign to just assess the space you’re in and give yourself what is due: the recognition of your own needs and wants and how your present job fits in.

Admittedly though, it’s not easy to start from scratch. Take it from me who gave up a lucrative but highly successful career in advertising and marketing after 15 years to pursue professional coaching full time. It was indeed a humbling journey.

However, truth be told, it was all worth it.

Because for me, coaching full time is far more rewarding as I help people from all over the world discover and become their own #bestmeever, working wherever and whenever I wanted, compared to just staying inside the four walls of my corner office while building brands and waiting for the clock to strike 5 or sometimes even until overtime work is done.

Can relate to this? Take this time to reflect on these 5 questions to help you know if you’re in the right job. Trust me, these can do wonders for you.

  1. Am I genuinely happy in my job?

Before you even go to it, please remember that “I’m OK” is not synonymous to being genuinely happy. Being genuinely happy means waking up inspired each day to go to work, enjoying the company of people around you, seeing the silver linings in adversity while being grateful for the growth your job provides you. It also means being content in your space because what you do, where you are and who you work with makes your heart smile daily.

2. Am I able to maximize all my skills and potentials?

Your skills and talents are gifts. Use them to your advantage, in order for you to grow and change lives there after. Are you able to do that in your current space? Are you given key opportunities to showcase what you can do and be empowered to go beyond your limits? Remember: you can only grow as much as you allow yourself to….and as much as your chosen space lets you. Think about that.

3. What does my current job have to do with my life purpose?

Living your purpose each and every single day means having a job that can bring you closer to your long term goals. Inquire within: what do you think are you meant to do in life? How is your job related to that? Change what you must but never give up on what you feel you’re truly meant to be. You have a unique purpose in this life time. Live it.

4. What’s my biggest “What if….” in terms of my career?

Do you experience having that nagging question inside your head? Do you keep on asking yourself how things could have been so different had you taken a different job offer or pursued a new career altogether? As you age, you begin to realize that it’s more important to tick off items in your bucket list than just settle for the sake of. So at this point in time, what would you really, really want to tick off? Just be honest.

5. What job won”t be a “job” for me?

I always ask this question: if there was one thing that you would like to do, over and over again, even if you’re not paid, what will it be? That’s your dream job, no matter what that may look like. However, it takes a whole lot of honesty to accept that, accountability to pursue it and commitment to make it truly happen just the way you envisioned it. The good thing though: hard as it may seem, it will always be worth it to have a job that gives you the most happiness, peace and fulfillment.

I know by this time you are probably in deep thoughts about your current job and space.

Don’t hurry. Let everything sink in and take your time to think about what’s next for you.
Because whatever it may be, you will always know what’s best for you.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.