Hi! My name is Myke Celis.

Multi-Awarded Global Master Coach. International Best-Selling Author. Insightful Host. Inspiring Speaker and Mentor.

I am a Professional Global Master Coach for Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Timeline Therapy.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a member of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches, I help my clients gain clarity, overcome limiting beliefs, become empowered within, achieve their biggest goals and become their own #bestmeever.

As a professional coach, I have extensive experience working with these kinds of people, all of which I call my Unicorns:

Celebrities who want to cope with the day to day stress brought about by being in the limelight, level up in their careers or figure out what’s next for them outside of the big screen.

CEOs and top executives who want to make a difference in their careers, redefine their brand of self and leadership and discover life after success.

High performing people with huge potential who want to maximize their skills and amplify their reach and influence as they become the person they’re meant to be: their own #bestmeever.

Self-empowerment and holistic wellness and well-being are core values in my practice that allows me to tap into the greatest potentials of each and every client that I have. I make sure that all aspects of my coachees’ life are in equilibrium: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual to be able to maximize their peak state and get the results they want and need.

On the side, I am an international best-selling author and part-time radio talk show host.

I am oftentimes invited to coach, speak and do workshops for local and international brands. Some of my talks can be found at TED.com.

I also have a regular column in MarketingInAsia.Com, where I am a subject matter expert for Coaching. I have also been interviewed and featured by local and international media across print, radio, TV and digital platforms as a resource person or subject matter expert in coaching which earned me the title as a Celebrity Life Coach.

Giving back is something close to my heart because I am forever grateful for the overwhelming love and support I got when I was starting up to now that I am at this point in my career. Year on year, I do pro bono coaching for students and members of the LGBTQIA+ during the Pride Month to help them manage their mental health better and allow them to fully accept themselves and the space they’re in as they become their best.

It’s such a heart-warming experience to finally be recognized for what I love to do best: Coaching and helping others become their own #bestmeever . Such an honor to be included in Insights Success Magazine’s global list: 40 Influencers Under 40 and my blog and website making it to Feedspot’s prestigious Top 100 Life Coach Blogs & Websites to follow at # 28 globally. It’s also been a great honor to be named as one of the Top Celebrity Life Coaches worldwide by international premiere coaching site, Coach Foundation. Claiming more milestones ahead. Thank you for inspiring me even more.

And now, my heart overflows as I was recently named as the Bronze Winner  for  Best Wellness Coach in the 2022 Coach Awards and as a finalist awardee for Pride LGBTQ+ Leader in the 2022 Philippine Bahaghari Awards. So grateful for these recognition of my hard work and dedication to my coaching practice. Looking forward to sharing more wins with you eventually!

Let me show you the possibilities

Someone’s told you “No” before, that you weren’t good enough or smart enough or that you didn’t have enough experience. But you know without a doubt that you are enough. This business is worth building and those crazy dreams of yours are worth chasing. Are you ready to join forces build something magical together?

You’re a Unicorn if

You're ready to invest in yourself and your growth

You're willing to commit to becoming your best, whatever it takes

You consistently feel as excited and happy because you see real value in coaching

You are on the brink of something big…

I can feel it so much, I’ve got excited goosebumps for you! You’ve got 1-1 clients that adore you and you are ready to finally scale to that next level of success with the launch, course or product that’s been weighing so heavy on your heart because you know it will change lives (including yours). But still, there’s something blocking you from getting there. When you look at your brand, do you see an old version of yourself that’s hard to connect with? Maybe that’s who you were a year or two ago, but now it feels out of touch, uncomfortable, and if you’re honest, it’s a little (OK, maybe a lot) embarrassing.

You’ve grown so much since you started this biz, and now you’re ready to see all that reflected in your brand or website so you can fully show up for all those big ideas you’ve got planned. Get ready to step into a new season of business, confident, fully-aligned and ready to do the work that sets your soul on fire, all while paving the way for bigger and better things.

Are you ready to become your #bestmeever?