5 Things You Should Not Tolerate

Written by: 
Myke Celis

You’re not helping the other person when you tolerate bad behavior.
There I said it.

I know I might get raised eyebrows by claiming that but hey, I stand by for what I think and feel is right.

I have always believed that each one of us is responsible for our actions no matter how we feel.

So therefore, I can’t seem to find or recognize any valid excuse for treating others unkindly or exhibiting bad behavior.

That’s called accountability.

I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble here but you see, tolerance isn’t exactly the best way to show your love and concern for someone.

In fact, instead of helping that person, you are actually crippling him/her as you prevent him/her to see his/her fault and the need to take responsibility on the situation on hand.

So now, I want you to take this time to reflect: what are you currently tolerating in your space? Who’s involved? Why do you do so?

Know that it’s ok to be truly honest with yourself because I totally feel that you are coming from a well-meaning space. At least you are more aware now, right?

What is key here is that you now know that anything you tolerate won’t do you any good in the long run, even with the best intentions on hand.

Allow me to help you become even more aware of the 5 things you should not tolerate in your space so that you get to express your love and concern in the right manner:

  1. Disrespecting your boundaries

Remember this: no one can force you to do things or be with people who are not in alignment with your core values and those which rob you of your happiness and joy. Own your space. Don’t let others cross your boundaries for whatever reason because you, much like everyone else, is deserving to take up space as you are and keep it the way you want to. Let them understand that a NO is definitely a NO.

2. Lying

You deserve the truth and nothing less. Allowing someone to continuously lie to you means that you are not being honest with yourself too. So if you really want to help people take responsibility for themselves, you have to always ensure that they come from a space of truth because only with real awareness comes acceptance and change there after. Better to hear the harsh truth than live a lie, right?

3. Violence

Non-negotiable for me. On a personal note, this is something I am very particular with, even before getting in a relationship with someone. I always tell them: the moment you lift a finger on me and intentionally hit me, it’s over. No ifs or buts. I hope you realize that the same goes for you too. That no one ever has the right to use violence to make a point. So if you think that accepting all those punches or pinches makes you the better person, no, not really. Don’t start creating a raging monster. Read that again.

4. Always making excuses

Ever heard of the saying: “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” So true right? So never let anyone escape his responsibility to honor his/her word and commitment by calling out excuses and focusing on what is needed to be done and delivered accordingly. Don’t let anyone take your kindness for granted. While it’s ok to give some time and space due to unforeseen events, if it happens all too often or you end up following up most of the time and not get any confirmation about what happens next, then you may want to put your foot down and draw the line.

5. Negativity

To be honest: you don’t need any kind of toxic relationship in your life. Every relationship, whether it’s with your family, friends, at work or anywhere you may be connected with, should always bring out the best, not the stress in you. You don’t want to be the absorber of everyone’s negativity nor be verbally put down in the process. That’s not your role. It will never be. If the relationship you’re in is not helping you grow, let go. You can always nurture new ones when you eventually meet and end up with people who truly deserve to be in your space.

As we wrap this up, I hope by now you have a clearer picture of all the things that you are tolerating in your space that’s not really working for you.

With this new awareness, may you be able to to change your ways of showing your love, care and compassion from tolerating people to empowering people to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.
Because you can. And because that is what you deserve too.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.