Jul 16, 2024

5 Learnings From Losing

“And the winner is….”Not me. Yep, you read it right. I didn’t win during last night’s ceremony for the 2024 Pinoy Mavericks Awards of CIMB Bank PH. Don’t get me wrong: the winners were deserving. Amazing stories. Beautiful advocacies. I celebrate you guys! Congratulations again! Such a beautiful experience to have shared spaces with you […]
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How Not To Be Taken For Granted

It takes two to tango. It has to be give and take. Always.Heard those time and again when it comes to relationships. And I truly agree. I mean I have always been an advocate of healthy relationships that are grounded on love, trust and respect. Those are vital ingredients that help every person involved in […]
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Yet can be empowering

The Power Of Yet

Not yet.One of the most disheartening phrases to hear when you have a lot of expectations. On yourself and on others. Can you relate? Oftentimes we associate the word “yet” with delays and detours. And everything else that is not fully in alignment with our plans. That leads us to think that anything with the […]
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No bad times. Only great lessons.

5 Life Lessons Hard Times Teach You

Good or bad, each and every experience teaches you the lessons you need in life.One of my favorite things to say during interviews and talks. Because it just rings so true, in so many ways. I know though for a fact that it’s easier to absorb and learn lessons through good times, but the bigger […]
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Do it now.

5 Things You Can Do Now

Not yet. Maybe later. Someday.How many times have you said these familiar phrases to yourself? I want you to take this time first to reflect: when do you say these to yourself? When you want to change careers? Have dinner? Say sorry? Pamper yourself? And the list goes on I am so sure. But come […]
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5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Know If You’re In The Right Job

Fact: Work is not life. But that doesn’t mean you have to take whatever job you have just to pay the bills. With the exception of those undergoing much financial stress and left with no option, of course. I mean seriously, how do you find the job you have now? I want you guys to […]
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How To Be Vulnerable

“You’re so brave.”“I wish I had your confidence.”“I can’t do that.” Believe me, I lost count of the number of times I have heard these from those who watched me online, on-air or on-site after giving my talk, doing an interview or sharing bits and pieces about myself during workshops. It didn’t take me long […]
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5 Things You Should Not Tolerate

You’re not helping the other person when you tolerate bad behavior.There I said it. I know I might get raised eyebrows by claiming that but hey, I stand by for what I think and feel is right. I have always believed that each one of us is responsible for our actions no matter how we […]
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5 Ways To Ask For Forgiveness

As the song goes, sorry seems to be the hardest word. And I am so sure, we can all relate to this. Mind you, this goes both ways. What I mean is that: accepting forgiveness isn’t exactly a walk in the park. At times, I even think, based on experience, it’s even harder than asking […]
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Never compromise your credibility.

5 Things That Affect Your Credibility Negatively

Credibility. Integrity. Authenticity.Three core values that I keep closest to my heart. Seriously though. On a personal note, words can’t express the importance of these three when it comes to one’s personal and professional life, so to speak. Time and again, I have proven to myself that by being able to uphold my own core […]
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There's more to life outside of work.

5 Regrets In Life You Should Avoid Having At All Costs

We only live once.Therefore it’s very important to live life fully. Amen. I truly believe in this. You see, through the years, I have seen and experienced losing people close to my heart, albeit too sudden at times, due to sickness or unfortunate events. Trust me, not an easy space to be in, whether you’re […]
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Positive Mind, Positive Life

5 Negative Thoughts You Should Not Entertain

Your thoughts become your reality.Fact. And that goes both ways. What I mean is that whatever you focus on, it becomes your reality, good or bad. That’s how powerful your mind is. Good if you utilize its strength into harnessing your own potential and pushing yourself forward as you become your own #bestmeever . However, […]
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