5 Things You Can Do Now

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Not yet. Maybe later. Someday.
How many times have you said these familiar phrases to yourself?

I want you to take this time first to reflect: when do you say these to yourself?

When you want to change careers?

Have dinner?

Say sorry?

Pamper yourself?

And the list goes on I am so sure.

But come to think about this: do these things ABSOLUTELY deserve to be set aside and delayed?

I mean, is it really about not having a choice at that particular point in time or is it how much deserving you feel you were, given whatever situation you were in?

Oops, that may trigger a little.

But hey, know that it’s ok to come from honesty and vulnerability in order for you to truly understand yourself and what really drives (or stops) you.

Because that way, you will be able to give yourself what is due, a number of which perhaps you have chosen to park initially because you were not coming from a space of self worth and self love.

Given this, allow me to share with you 5 things which you can do now, without having to feel guilty or have the need to justify yourself:

  1. Wear your beautiful, new clothes

Can you relate with me on this? Do you have a piece of clothing that you bought early on and you’re saving it for a special occasion? I used to be like that: thinking that I have to wait for a milestone or a life changing event for me to wear my new clothes or those deemed “too much” for everyday casual use. But then over the weekend, I caught myself upon seeing a bunch of unused clothes inside my closet. It made me think: why am I just staring at them and admiring them when I can actually wear them, for no reason at all? I just had to feel deserving at that particular point in time. And I really did. So off to the mall I went, my family quite shocked as they saw me wearing fancier than usual clothes for Sunday brunch. But all I said to them when asked was “Why not? Life is too short not to wear beautiful clothes.” And yes, you can quote me on that. Haha! P.S. At the end of the day, I can always wear them again when that special occasion comes. So why delay something I can be truly happy about now?

2. Treat yourself to something that you really want

Saving for the rainy days is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But also consider that all those money won’t matter if you feel unhappy and deprived. Go watch that musicale. Get yourself that bag. Indulge in a premium pampering session at Roman Baths Scrubbing Salon (ok, pardon the shameless plug, haha!). You are very much deserving as anyone else so don’t ever put your needs and wants last. After all, it won’t be a daily thing — just once in a while when you feel that a little pick me upper can do wonders for you moving forward, as a sign of self love.

3. Get that make over

Because why not? You are allowed to change, look and feel beautiful inside and out without anyone else’s approval. It’s part of becoming your own #bestmeever — to be comfortable in your own skin as you evolve and grow into the person that you’re meant to be, no matter how that may look like. So yeah, schedule that salon visit after reading this.

4. Upskill and upgrade

You will always be the best investment you can ever make. So never set aside your personal growth because that affects everything (and everyone else) around you. I totally believe that if you want something, you will find means and ways to make it happen. Enroll in that class. Get yourself a coach. Level up your wardrobe. Get that laptop you need. It’s never too early or too late to give yourself what you need at the moment so you can grow fully there after.

5. Have a break.

You’re not a robot. And no amount of battery or fuel can help you function at your peak. It’s all about giving yourself that much deserved (and very much needed) break. You’re only human after all. You also need to relax, recharge and recalibrate accordingly. Go on that dream vacation. Hang out with your loved ones. Spend some quiet “me time” with your book and pet close by. You are allowed to disconnect from social media and just let yourself be with no pressure or worries. Take your time off to heal and allow yourself to feel and realize what you need to do as you start all over again there after.

I totally believe that there’s no perfect timing when it comes to giving yourself what is due.
Because now will always be better than later.
Or never.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.