How To Build Mental Toughness

Written by: 
Myke Celis

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
So how many times have you heard this popular saying?

In my case, I lost count. Seriously.

Simply because, it's one thing I tell myself regularly when faced with uncertainty and challenging times.

Part of my own set of affirmations, you may say.

Come to think of it: it makes a lot of sense.

I mean how can you rise above the challenges as you face them head on if you don't toughen up?

Not just physically or mentally, but emotionally as well. Consider approaching this one holistically because at the end of the day, your entire wellness and wellbeing are at stake.

However, I believe that among those, it's our mindset that plays the biggest role when it comes to determining our success rate as we overcome challenges left and right.

This is where the value of working on your mental toughness comes into play.

Mental toughness is a quality of mind or intellect characterized by, among other things, a refusal to be intimidated, a determination to finish a contest even when things are going badly, and an ability to control emotions and remain highly focused when under the pressure of intense competition. (Oxford Definition).

At this point in time, I want you to quickly reflect: what do you do when you encounter a huge stumbling block in your own journey? How do you react?

Whatever your answer may be, know that it's ok. We all have different ways of responding to unwanted stimuli. So please don't start judging yourself this early. Haha!

Kidding aside, know though that oftentimes we become overwhelmed by the situation we are caught in because we let our heightened emotions take the lead. Taking this in consideration, it is very important to strengthen our mental toughness to allow us to still perform consistently despite what's happening around us by dealing mindfully with what's going on within us.

Remember, if you're mentally tough, you become less prone to experiencing stress, you become more motivated and confident as you adapt accordingly to any circumstance that may come your way, allowing you to learn and grow more in your own journey towards your own #bestmeever . Sounds amazing right?

If this interests you, allow me to share with you the 5 ways you can work on your own mental toughness:

  1. Practice mindfulness

Give yourself enough time and space to let your emotions settle down first so you don't react impulsively. Being mindful also allows you to explore only the things under your control as you recognize your priorities fully. This leads you to do away with the unnecessary distractions that can blur your decision making skills when you're feeling stressed.

2. Write down your thoughts

Fact: journaling can do wonders for you. By writing down your thoughts, you get to unburden yourself as you free your mind from unnecessary things taking up space. It also allows you to process your thoughts better as it provides you with an opportunity to revisit them some other time too as you come up with specific, workable goals that will best suit you. Best done with powerful coaching questions to help you align everything accordingly, with free pages that will allow you to just let your thoughts flow. If this resonates with you, please indulge my shameless plug about my #bestmeever life coaching planner which I recently launched to help people embark on their own self-discovery journey through journaling. Promise, it can help you big time.

3. Upskill

Learning a new skill allows you to become more confident as you equip yourself with the knowledge and practice you need to thrive in your own journey. Always remember that you are the best investment you can ever make so never feel bad when you invest on yourself and your growth by taking those classes, certification program or whatever it may be that will allow you to grow further.

4. Choose the people you surround yourself with

You become the 5 people you surround yourself with so please ensure to have positive thinkers, achievers, good natured ones only in your sacred space. Never engage with people who make you feel less of a person and know that having boundaries does not mean you're being discriminating; it actually means you know how to value yourself and that's where mental toughness stems from: knowing what is good for you and taking it to heart always.

5. Seek professional help

Ok: seeking professional help is never a sign of weakness. It's a sign of strength as you are able to humbly accept that you still have room for growth and that you are willing to journey towards your best with someone who knows how. Don't wait for the last minute before you ask for help if you feel that you're spiraling down fast because of what's happening around (and within) you. As early as now, do your own research and find a mental health professional or a coach that can help you with your needs, based on their area of expertise, credentials and body of work. Trust me, it will all be worth it, because you are, too.

Anxieties, worries and stress will always be there.

But you don't have to give in to them.

Always remember that you're born to succeed.
And that you are, at the end of the day, mentally tough.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.