Sep 12 2023

How Journaling Helps Improve Your Wellness

Written by: 
Myke Celis

I have always loved writing.
And this is an understatement.

I fondly remember how I discovered my love for writing accidentally when I was tapped to join the school paper way back then in High School as a writer for the Sports Section. Me, in sports. Yes, I know. Haha!

But that particular experience started it all. From writing sports articles, I gradually shifted to writing literary and news pieces for the public to consume.

And during those formative teenage years as well, I finally found writing down my thoughts on my journal as something both liberating and empowering at the comforts of my private space then.

I guess that's how my love for journaling started. And up to this day, I continue doing that practice that sets my mind, body and spirit free.

Which basically became my inspiration for creating my best-selling #bestmeever book series and recently, the first ever #bestmeever Life Coaching Planner so others can experience the transformative change of journaling when it comes to their overall health and well-being. That is why I made sure that my planner has a bunch of free pages and wide writing spaces for flowing thoughts.

Writing can really do wonders for you. Like seriously.

So allow me to share with you how journaling can help improve your overall wellness and well-being:

  1. Journaling helps you declutter your mind

Your mental health suffers when you keep on thinking about things that rob you of joy and brings you so much stress and anxiety instead. Journaling allows you to do a mental dump --- where in you just write down all your thoughts as of the given moment and analyze from there what needs your focus and what needs to go. You don't have to hold on to each and every thought you have all at once. This frees your mind from the burden of having to process all at the same time, allowing you to relax a little more in the process.

2. Journaling allows you to become clearer with your dreams

Having your own quiet time allows you to inquire deep within and tap on to your greatest aspirations amidst the hustle and bustle of the real world. Journaling about your goals and dreams allow you to visualize them clearly, understand them better and strategize there after. It is when you are alone and immersed in your own thoughts that you come from honesty and vulnerability about things that really excite you and makes your heart skip a beat.

3. Journaling helps you recognize your progress

Writing down your milestones, big or small, allows you to have something to remind you during days that are tougher than others. Perfect for those who want to document their personal development journey, whether it involves getting your desired body or learning a new skill, journaling allows you to celebrate yourself along the way as you fill each entry about your latest adventure, realization or achievement.

4. Journaling helps you manage your emotions better

When overwhelmed by emotions, writing down your thoughts allow you to manage them accordingly This form of release allows you to center all your energy into putting words on feelings which you can't explain , allowing you to analyze them better and deal with them there after. What I also like about this is that on a personal note, I have something to look back at when all the heightened emotions have settled and I can finally be rational again, enough to come up with the best, non-impulsive decision.

5. Journaling improves your productivity

How different will your life be if you get to learn and discover how to prioritize tasks, manage your time well and deliver results smartly? Well you can experience that and more through journaling as it helps you process your thoughts accordingly while you write them down. This action gives your brain a visual aid, which helps it work more efficiently without the need to dissect abstract concepts.

So have you thought about giving journaling a try yet?
Never too late to do so.
Who knows, you might find the next love of your life soon.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.