May 12 2023

How To Make Your Personal Space Mental Health - Friendly

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Ever since the pandemic happened, I became a home body.
That is why when I moved in to my new space last year, I made sure I would fall in love with it and make working from home a pleasurable experience.

Here's a sneak peek of my humble pad's living room with a modern nature theme. I chose this one because I missed the greens and it's relaxing to the eyes. I wanted my space to be inspiring as I coach, give talks or write from home.

Homey, relaxing space

Yes guys, how your personal space looks and feels matter a lot as it has an impact on your mental health as well.

I didn't know this until I had myself go on a coaching journey and got to discover how my previous space reflected my mental state back then.

And now with the clarity and empowerment that comes with becoming my own #bestmeever , I have noticed how my preferences for my personal space have also evolved.

As essential as coaching is to one's life, it is also very much important to assess what you have within your personal space.

By personal space here I refer about the things, people and circumstances that you willingly surround yourself with.

So at this point in time, I would like you to look around you, reflect and recognize your personal space. What are you allowing in your space? How do they influence the way you live on a day to day basis? How do they impact your own mental health?

Ok, once your done, breathe. Remember, acknowledgement is the first step to recognizing what needs to be adjusted in your space to make it more mental-health friendly.

Allow me to share with you some of the things that can help you make your personal space more mental health -friendly:

  1. Be intentional when allowing something or someone in your personal space

Always ask yourself this: what is the value of (whatever it is you want to bring in) in my space now and how will it help me grow there after? It's very important to be mindfully aware of selecting only those which have real value to you and can influence long term growth and happiness. Remember, being impulsive leads you to hoard stuff (and be with people)which won't really answer a great need or want of yours and will just be a waste of space. P.S. Not all that is free, on sale, or single must be taken in. Read that again.

2. Declutter

Not everything (and everyone) deserves space in your current life. So check on your closet, your phone book, your social media and your mind heart and assess: who or what needs to go? Because by allowing yourself to let go of things, people, and memories that no longer serve you, you make space for what needs to be in your life at present. Be grateful that you had the chance to encounter all those before and know that they have already served their purpose, therefore, it's now time for you to move on and forward.

3. Create inspiring spaces

Do you love writing? Meditating? Reading? Just some of the things that require you to have breathing spaces -- a safe space away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. It is suggested that you create a mini nook that allows you to be comfortable, as you think freely and let yourself be so that you will be able to maximize this self-growth experience. Fill it with things and memories e.g. plants, pictures etc. that make you feel genuinely happy from within. Same goes when choosing who to surround yourself with on a personal note. Remember, you become the sum total of the 5 people you regularly interact with so be sure to make them inspiring.

4. Establish boundaries

Your space. Your rules. Choose what best works for you. Whether it's a simple as no shoes inside the living room or no bringing of work-related tasks at home, these actually help you maintain a safe space where you can just be yourself without having to worry about anything else. This can also apply to people you actually allow in your space. You don't have to entertain anyone who's not in alignment with your core values and that doesn't make you a bad person. It only means that you know how to value your space and respect differences by letting others own theirs as well.

5. Tuck in random positive reminders

Self-affirmation plays an important role in the success and happiness of an individual. Make sure to inspire positive self talk as you strategically put random inspirational quotes or reminders in sight. Whether it's your favorite quote displayed on your living room, an inspirational ref magnet or a framed affirmation on your bedside table, know that they help remind you how amazing you are even during the toughest days. Your space must be able to do just that to help your mental health flourish.

Your personal space matters if you want to become your own #bestmeever .

Make sure you own it as much as possible.

Because that is what you deserve.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.