Mar 6 2023

How To Be Content With What You Have In Life

Written by: 
Myke Celis

The more, the merrier, as they say.
I say: True for some, but not for all.

You see at times, less can be more and having enough is a blessing by itself.

The things we normally forget because we keep on comparing ourselves to others, trying to live up to society's expectations and wanting to look good in the eyes of many. Definitely not the way to be happier, if that's your goal.

Don't get me wrong: wanting more in life is normal. Who doesn't want an upgrade? However, it doesn't mean that you should be miserable in your current space with what you have. Remember, you can still enjoy the present without stressing yourself much about what can still be in the future.

That is what being content with what you have now means. Being present and grateful as you live and flourish by choice in the now.

Allow me to share with you the 5 ways on how to be content with what you have in your life now:

1, Create a list of the things that you initially wished for that you have now

We are so blessed in so many ways than one. Sadly at times, we forget that because we set our eyes somewhere else. Take this time to inquire within and reflect on how much you have and what you've achieved since you started wishing for the things and results you wanted in your life. Trust me, when you count your blessings, you will never feel that something is lacking.

2. Focus on your own growth and journey

Eyes on the prize. And that means staying committed and loyal to your own #bestmeever . Stop peeking into the lives of others. Or if you do, turn them as inspirations to do better. and not be bitter about your current space Never forget to acknowledge your own growth because it's different from everyone else. So no sense of comparing.

3. Validate yourself in your current space and capacity

You've made it this far and you deserve a pat on the back. While things may not be perfect at present, recognize the things that have gone well and how much you learned in the process from both good and bad experiences. Being kinder to yourself inspires you more to go further, so gift yourself with the praises and loving words you long to hear from others.

4. Invest on yourself

You want to grow more? Invest on yourself and be genuinely excited with your own growth. You see, complaining about what you don't have at present won't get you closer to your goals. Working on yourself and focusing on your own growth, will. Take that class. Train at the gym. Get a coach. Do whatever it takes to make you love and appreciate yourself more.

5. Intentionally seek for silverlinings

Your current space, with what you have and don't have, is teaching you valuable lessons you will need in your upcoming journey. Look beyond what seems less than perfect and see what you can learn along the way. Remember, at times, the best lessons come from the most painful experiences. And that includes that feeling of having less than enough. The bigger question is: what can be good about it? Inquire within.

I hope that after reading through this you get to have new appreciation for your current space as you become content with what you have now.

Know that contentment was never about having more.
It's about being open and grateful for what you already have, or less there of.
Because regardless of all those, life goes on.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.