Feb 23 2023

How To Be Happier

Written by: 
Myke Celis

You're happy.

That's a very wonderful space to be in right now.

Maybe you've just healed from your past. Or achieved a new milestone. Or practicing new habits. that help you see the brighter side of things.

Whatever you're doing, I am so glad it's working for you.

I have always believed that genuine happiness should always be the main consideration when making life-changing decisions or pursuing one's dreams and goals.

Being in that state of happiness actually works to one's advantage.

So imagine, what if you can even be happier than you are now?

What if we can take that joy a notch higher? How different do you think you're life would be?

Even more amazing I suppose.

I guess it's all about adding that extra "oomph"... that "er" after the things that you've already been made familiar with in your journey.

Allow me to share with you the 5 ways on how to be happier in your space:

  1. Try harder

If you know you can do more, do better. Don't just settle for what's easy. Treat the journey you have now as something that's both empowering and exciting and allow yourself to grow in the process by humbly mastering all the challenges along the way. Give each one another try, this time with a little more effort, and see how that changes your results and how you feel about it initially.

2. Dream bigger

Nothing is impossible for a person who believes. Whatever your #bestmeever may look like, go for it. Aim higher. You've already made it this far. You can definitely go further, only if you allow your mind and heart to visualize bigger possibilities.

3. Become healthier

Take care of your over all wellness and well-being by only allowing people, things and situations that will contribute wonderfully to your health and happiness. Never take your health for granted and try at least doing one extra thing that will have your future self thank you at present.

4. Spend quality time with loved ones longer

Create new memories. Grow in harmony with people who make you feel so alive and make life worth living. When your heart overflows with gratitude and love, not only because of these people you choose to have in your space but also from within, you will be able to find more joy in even the most random things.

5. Be wiser.

Learn from your mistakes. Grow from them. Don't let them define you. Instead, use them as stepping stones towards your own success. Remember, experience is the best teacher and regardless of whether it's good or bad, it's helping you acquire the knowledge and skills you need to push further in life. Just take them to heart.

You see, happiness is a matter of choice.

And by choosing to do (and be) all these things mentioned here, you allow yourself to be happier.

Time to take that happiness of yours to the next level.
Because you still can.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.