Mar 29 2021

5 Ways To Embrace Your Flaws

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Nobody’s perfect.

And that’s a fact.

But guess what?

It’s perfectly ok.

So stop beating yourself up for “flaws” which make you feel less of a person.

Because in, reality, they don’t.

Know that as you are, you are perfectly amazing.

If you’re still struggling with loving your imperfections, then allow me to share with you these 5 ways to allow you to embrace them fully.

  1. Define your own standards

Only you can see your true worth. So set your own standards. You don’t have to stress yourself fitting into someone else’s mould. Create your own. Your beauty makes you uniquely special, so don’t ever compare yourself with someone else. Just appreciate your own because by doing that, you’ll know that there’s so much to love about you.

2. Make your flaws inspiring

Somewhere out there, someone needs to hear your story of how you embraced your flaws and imperfections. Whether it’s a physical insecurity, a disability, a circumstance … these can be turned into powerful inspirations, only if you see the true purpose behind each. Come from that space.

3. Count your blessings

Your flaws shouldn’t define you and your happiness. Look around you. Inquire within. What else can you be grateful for? There’s more to life than just focusing on things that are “less than perfect.” Focus on what matters more instead: what gives you genuine joy, fulfillment and wholeness. You can always choose to work around your imperfections and see things in a different light.

4. Surround yourself with inspiring advocates

All over the world, there are other people like you who may have experienced the same thing but have chosen to rise above the situation and empower others instead. Choose to find (and be with) your role models and people who bring out the best in you. Self-Check: If they can see beyond your flaws, why can’t you?

5. Affirm yourself daily

Give yourself that much needed confidence boost by facing the mirror every single day and loving the person you’re seeing daily, genuinely. Empower yourself with positive words  you need to hear that will allow you to be  your authentic, unapologetic and grandest version of yourself, your own #bestmeever . Don’t wait for others to validate you because as you are, you can give yourself that much needed love, acceptance and understanding. And your own affirmation will always be more than enough.

I hope that now you can see how “FLAWsome” you are.

Time to give yourself a tight hug. And a whole lot of love.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.