Sep 2 2021

5 Times You Must Say NO In Your Life

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Saying NO is such an empowering experience.

Contrary to popular belief, saying NO does not limit you.

In fact, it opens new doors for you as you come from a space of worthiness and self-love.

Because each and every time you say NO to others, you say YES to yourself and your growth.

Allow me to share with you my take on the 5 times you must say NO in your life:

1.) When your life is at risk

This is a no-brainer. Don't ever put yourself in such a situation that will compromise your safety. No amount of reasoning can be made that will justify you endangering or losing your life in the process. Trust your instincts and keep safe always. In all ways.

2.) When someone disrespects you

You are as worthy and lovable as everyone else. Don't ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. Be confident about yourself. Speak up. Take a stand. And don't allow others to own your space. You are fully deserving of your own, to begin with.

3.) When others dictate the life you must lead

Choose your own course. Pursue your own career. Follow your passion. Be whatever you want to be. That is your right. Don't let anyone put you inside a box. You're meant to be free. Keep it that way.

4.) When you are forced to stay in toxic relationships

Any relationship that you choose to have should be able to spark joy and growth. Say NO to those that hinder your growth and make you doubt yourself. Always remember that you have that choice to filter who you allow in your space.

5.) When you're not your #bestmeever

Allow yourself to rest. To feel. To just be. It's ok to say NO when you're not your best. Give yourself enough time and space to reflect and recalibrate. You can always bounce back and start all over again when you're truly ready.

After reading all these, I look forward to seeing you become comfortable when saying NO to these things happening in your life soon.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.