Apr 11 2023

When It’s Not Too Much

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Whether you do good or do bad, people will always judge you.
And that’s a fact.

However, due to the pressure from everyone surrounding you, at times you end up judging yourself.

And that’s not exactly a beautiful experience to be caught up in.

Because first things first: at the end of the day, you are allowed to be yourself and pursue what gives you genuine joy. Period.

I had this realization when I recently went on vacation in Bangkok, Thailand.

I went to one of the most famous temples there, Wat Pho, wearing a rainbow colored matching suit which I scored the day before, that will shame any Candy Land. Haha!

Spreading Unicorn vibes in Bangkok

The moment I stepped out from the bus, I got mixed reactions from people there. Some expressed their joy and amusement.

While others still didn’t agree and said it was too much.

Ever experienced that from you’re end? When you’re simply expressing yourself genuinely and yet people will say that you’re too much?

Me? Time and again. This wasn’t the first time. And what I have realized here is that: I have gotten used to it.

Because each one of us is entitled to his / her own opinion.

I respect that.

However, by respecting their opinions, it doesn’t mean I have to tolerate them and shrink to a box that they’re putting me in.

Not today, Satan. Not ever. This Unicorn will continue to sparkle and become his own #bestmeever Haha!

So now, allow me to help you guys in the same space to realize when it’s not too much:

  1. When it makes you genuinely happy

Yes dear, you are very much deserving to follow what makes your heart smile regardless if others won’t agree. Get that bag. Be in that relationship. Pursue that career. For as long as it makes you happy and you can handle it responsibly, by all means go. Never too much if it’s for the sake of long lasting, real happiness .

2. When you’re being true to yourself

You do you. That’s perfectly ok. You don’t have to hide. Be all out. Express yourself. Your wants. Your needs. Your gender. Among others. You can never be too much for people who will genuinely love and accept you for who and what you truly are.

3. When it helps you grow

You are the best investment you can ever make so don’t ever feel guilty for taking that class, taking a time off or exploring your options all over. There’s always room for growth and it’s never too much if you choose to maximize it.

4. When it helps you heal

No one can understand your own pain better than yourself. We have different sets of experiences which require different ways of addressing each one of them Do what’s best for you. Whether you choose to go on that retreat, change careers, move to a new space — find your own bliss while doing away with what others have to say about it so you can recover fully in your own way.

5. When it inspires others

You have a unique story to share and a one-of-a-kind role to play in this world. Never be afraid to shine as you are. Because for all you know, you are paving the way for others to light up their own fire. Someone, somewhere out there needs you to step up, Do what you must.

There you go. I hope these empower you to live life in your own terms.

Because being yourself, will never be too much.
It’s a must.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.