Mar 29 2023

How To Create New Opportunities For Yourself

Written by: 
Myke Celis

You can design (and re-design) your own life time and again.
And that's a fact.

You have the power to make things happen, to work on things under your control and let go of all those beyond it.

You can always reach out for help and choose to start all over again, regardless of what happened to you before or whatever it is that you're experiencing now.

What I am basically saying is that life doesn't end when things don't work out and one door closes.

You can wait for another door to open....or even create your own opportunities along the way.

Allow me to share with you the 5 ways on how you can create new opportunities for yourself:

  1. Be clear with what you really want

Your goal must be crystal clear so that you would know what exactly do you need to achieve it. And that means being truly honest with yourself about how you truly feel about something that you aspire for. Recognize and understand your core values fully. If you're not 100% in, then it's not worth pursuing. You will only be limiting yourself to half-baked opportunities because your results are not anchored on genuine, full interest.

2. Do a self-inventory

You have all the things within you to create those beautiful opportunities you want. Take time to assess your current space: what can you utilize as of the moment? What skills haven't you maximized yet? Is there anything you've done (or have) before that you can revisit? What new habits and mindset must you have to jumpstart your new mission? By reflecting on these questions you get to make the most of your most important arm in battle: yourself.

3. Put yourself out there

Doors of opportunities won't open if the person behind those doors don't know you at all. Be brave enough to show the rest of the world who you are. what you're good at and continue giving value to others so that word-of-mouth marketing can work for you. Make your social media properties a little more attractive by consistently posting relatable, value-filled content that can pique the interest of your audience. Go the extra mile and do the same on-ground as you meet random people along the way as you take networking opportunities more seriously because who knows, the next person you meet might be holding the key to the new door you're looking at.

4. Be in-tune with your surroundings and situations

Being 100% present allows you to get a feel of what your current space needs. Be mindful enough to recognize the gaps in the market where you can provide solutions and add value. The recent pandemic is a very good example of how I myself had to pivot from doing a lot of face to face coaching sessions to going digital with my programs, which eventually opened more doors for me internationally. Creating opportunities mean that you must be willing to adjust and adapt accordingly to the situation on hand as you continue to make yourself (and what you do best) timely and relevant in the eyes of others.

5. Intentionally seek for support

Ask and you shall receive. Never underestimate the power of humility. Seek help from people who are aligned with your vision. Never be afraid of rejection. After all, you'll never know unless you try and rejection is only a form of re-direction. Who knows, that can even open a different opportunity for you so don't fret. Just go for it.

I hope these help you create more new opportunities for yourself soon as you journey towards your own #bestmeever .

Remember, opportunities will always be there.

You just have to look within first to create them.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.