May 4 2023

How Coaching Changed My Life

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Life changing.
Best way to describe each and every coaching experience I have had (and done).

And I kid you not.

However, had you asked me 6 years ago, I would have looked at you with a dumbfounded expression. Haha!

Seriously, I had no idea of what coaching was then.

The only knowledge I had about coaching then was related to those officials in sporting events. Uhuh.

Thank goodness for life's twists and turns that I got to discover the value of coaching during the lowest point in my life back then. And ever since, I got so hooked on it that I decided to make it as my career. Never regretted that decision.

Because as I type this, I am reminded why coaching is essential in our day to day lives.

Allow me to share with you how coaching (and acquiring coaching skills per se) helped me become my own #bestmeever :

1.) Coaching helped me become more self-aware

Through the use of powerful questions, I got to know and understand myself better: my needs and wants, fears and aspirations, hopes and dreams. This allowed me to embrace my current space with the least resistance, enabling me to maximize the present moment and opportunities that go with it. I love it whenever I have chemistry sessions and my prospective coachees have AHA moments about themselves. Priceless experience.

2.) Coaching helped me heal

I think it's safe to say that everyone of us may have a chapter or two in our lives that we want to forget. Coaching helped me become at peace with the painful events in my past as I forgave myself in the process of gaining clarity about the purpose of each and everything that I had to go to. Learning how to coach allowed me to journey with my clients towards their own healing as they embark on their next chapter whole heartedly.

3.) Having coaching skills helped me become more strategic so I can succeed

As I coach myself every now and then, I realized that one of the benefits that resulted from the clarity I get from coaching, is that I get to have crystal-clear goals and tailor-fitted action plans with timelines that lead to better performance and results because I have everything in sight, everything prepared ahead of time. It's like having a really sound game plan way before the game has started so winning does not become a mere option but a reachable reality.

4.) Coaching allowed me to have the dream lifestyle I want

I have never been the corporate, 9-5 guy ever since. More so, I hate routine jobs and endless paper works and not so productive meetings. When I got coached, I realized that I was meant to do something else. So I quit my marketing and advertising career and embarked on my journey towards becoming a life coach. When I learned how to coach and practiced consistently with all my heart as I delivered desired results for my clients time and again, I got to earn a living in my terms: working wherever and whenever I want, only a few hours per day. It also opened a lot of other opportunities on the side I never dreamed of: writing best selling book, hosting on radio, media interviews locally and internationally across multiple platforms, brand collaborations and a whole lot more which helped me earn more than I used to compared to when I was in another industry. Yes, I am a living testament that one can live comfortably as a professional coach, if one takes his/her practice seriously with 100% commitment.

5.) Coaching made me more inspiring

As mentioned earlier, coaching is indeed life changing. It helped me live with utmost authenticity, unapologetically as I become the grandest version of myself: my own #bestmeever living my dreams and my life in my own terms as I become my own boss. Having coaching skills allowed me to help others become just that too: leaders within, disruptors and exceptions to the rules as they embrace themselves whole and love themselves fully -- something which a lot of people long for in silence until they see their much-needed inspiration living his/her truth. That can be you.

I can definitely go on and on about the other benefits I have gotten from coaching, whether as a coachee or as a coach.

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