Happy New Year!
Dec 30, 2023

5 Questions To Reflect On This New Year

Time passed by so quickly, don't you think? A few days ago we were just opening our Christmas gifts, and this time around probably as you read this, you're preparing a bunch of fireworks to be used when the clock strikes 12. Well, that's how life is. Something that we must take to heart always […]
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Merry Christmas
Dec 19, 2023

5 Meaningful Christmas Gifts You Can Give

Christmas is just around the corner.I hope you're just as excited as I am. I mean, setting aside the heavy traffic and the crazy yuletide rush, I have always looked forward to celebrating Christmas wherever I am in this world. There's something about the entire feel of this festive season that brings about unexplainable joy […]
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It can be a blessing in disguise
Dec 8, 2023

5 Blessings In Disguise In Your Life

Blessing in disguise.Sounds familiar? I bet. Much like I did, you probably grew up hearing this when things go wrong initially and then something better comes, making every chaos that has happened seemingly worth it. And almost always, it's true right? So through the years, I think I have mustered the art of looking for […]
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Choose to embrace change.
Nov 23, 2023

5 Questions To Help You Transition In Life

Never too late to start a new adventure and make a dream come true.My mantra ever since. This is actually coming from my own experience. I never did let my age get in the way of my dreams. Imagine: transitioning careers at age 36. Starting from scratch. Experiencing rejections time and again because I was […]
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Never be ashamed of your story

5 Things You Should Not Be Ashamed Of

Never hide. - Rayban One of the most memorable advertising campaigns I have ever worked on when I was still doing marketing and advertising for a living. Who would have known years later, the said tagline will still ring true? If you have been following me on social media or watching me go on-air for […]
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Work on your Mental Toughness

How To Build Mental Toughness

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.So how many times have you heard this popular saying? In my case, I lost count. Seriously. Simply because, it's one thing I tell myself regularly when faced with uncertainty and challenging times. Part of my own set of affirmations, you may say. Come to think of […]
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stop stressing
Oct 5, 2023

5 Things You Shouldn't Stress About

Question: what do you get from stressing over things, in general?Answer: None.So why do it time and again? Beats me. Haha! But seriously: do you find yourself so often worrying about alot of things that you feel so overwhelmed, unhappy and lost? This is because you are holding on to a lot of things (and […]
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Sep 12, 2023

How Journaling Helps Improve Your Wellness

I have always loved writing.And this is an understatement. I fondly remember how I discovered my love for writing accidentally when I was tapped to join the school paper way back then in High School as a writer for the Sports Section. Me, in sports. Yes, I know. Haha! But that particular experience started it […]
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Live life without regrets
Sep 7, 2023

5 Decisions You Shouldn't Regret In Your Life

You are exactly where you are meant to be.I always say this to my coachees and mentees so that they will learn to be comfortable in embracing the current space they're in, no matter how that looks like. I know, easier said than done. Much like being compassionate, or changing behaviors you have gotten used […]
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Don't let your disappointment get the best of you
Aug 29, 2023

How To Handle Disappointments Better

Things don't go always as planned.And that's a fact. At the end of the day, there are things far beyond our control: the future, unforeseen situations, emerging trends and even the behavior of people, among others. And the lost of control over these things brings about "unwanted" change, most of which cause us stress and […]
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Overall wellness matters
Aug 25, 2023

5 Ways To Improve Your Overall Wellness

Health is wealth.This is perhaps one of the sayings we all grew up with. I remember writing this down back then in grade school when I was answering a friend's autograph book (my, my, I missed this!). This alongside my other favorite motto then "time is gold." Haha! I am sure you can all relate. […]
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Abundantly blessed at 42
Aug 19, 2023

5 Things That I Must Stop

Keep going. Keep growing.This has been my mantra since after I celebrated my 42nd better last August 12 in Bangkok. And yes, I had a grand time as I took my coaching hat off for almost two weeks and just let myself enjoy each and every moment with my loved ones during that trip. What […]
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