Aug 25 2023

5 Ways To Improve Your Overall Wellness

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Health is wealth.
This is perhaps one of the sayings we all grew up with.

I remember writing this down back then in grade school when I was answering a friend's autograph book (my, my, I missed this!).

This alongside my other favorite motto then "time is gold." Haha! I am sure you can all relate.

Kidding aside though, prioritizing my health has always been an advocacy of mine.

However, through the years, it has evolved from focusing on the physical aspect alone, to including several others: mental, social, emotional, financial...all of which comprise my definition of holistic wellness.

I have always believed that one should consider all the aspects that affects one's overall well-being and that it's ideal to treat each one equally to achieve that healthy balance, as part of becoming one's own #bestmeever .

Truth be told: you can't really function at your optimum if a certain aspect of your life holds you back e.g. your mindset, how you feel, the people around you, your finances -- yep all these have an impact in your growth so you must be mindful on how you address each aspects needs accordingly.

So today, allow me to share with you 5 ways you can improve your overall wellness so you can experience life at its peak:

  1. Have a quality break

You deserve to pause. To rest and recalibrate. Don't ever feel guilty for giving yourself quality "me time". You are worthy of that, as much as everyone else. Avoid experiencing burn out by recognizing your own limits, needs and wants in the pursuit of your goals. Whether it's all about making pocket stops or taking a month long vacation, do what you must to keep you happy, inspired and charged up so you don't end up hating whatever it is that you're doing as of the moment. And yes, you don't have to hurry life.

2. Declutter your personal space

And no, I am not just talking about your messy room. Haha! But yeah, that's also included because remember: your physical space affects your mental health and your mood so always be mindful enough to keep it clean and tidy. Apart from that though, you may also want to declutter other aspects of your life which also influence your space: the people around you, your own behaviors and actions, situations you allow yourself to be in constantly -- know which of these you need to let go off because they no longer serve you and which ones you need to nurture so that you can grow even more. What you allow in your space influences you so know that you have the power to choose what's best for you.

3. Develop a healthy morning routine

How you start your day can greatly influence how the rest of your day will go. So it's very much important to start your day on a happy and healthy note: meditate for a few minutes after waking up, affirm yourself and practice gratitude before having a hearty breakfast, find time to exercise and be mindful enough to notice simple joys that can inspire you for the rest of the day. Do these every single day and notice how your life will change for the better there after.

4. Start a passion project

Do whatever it is that makes you feel happy, complete and fulfilled. Regardless of your age, it's never too late to work on your passion project because that will give your life new meaning as it uplifts your sense of purpose. So yeah, this is your sign to start that business, build that NGO or audition for that role you've always wanted. You are your only limitation, so don't let yourself (and your insecurities) get in the way of what you're meant to be. Keep going -- that gives your life new inspiration and meaning.

5. Invest on personal development

You will always be the best investment you can make so don't ever feel bad when you spend for yourself and your growth. You need to value yourself enough for you to seek for ways on how else you can improve and grow so that eventually, you will end up happier and more fulfilled. Take that class. Get a coach. Embark on a self-discovery journey. You deserve to give yourself the kind of life you've always wanted to have. Go for it. That will always be better than having a lot of regrets about what could have been in the future.

I hope these help you improve your overall wellness as you learn and discover more about yourself in the process.

May you always be at the pink of health in all aspects of your life.
Because you deserve it.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.