Dec 19 2023

5 Meaningful Christmas Gifts You Can Give

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Christmas is just around the corner.
I hope you're just as excited as I am.

I mean, setting aside the heavy traffic and the crazy yuletide rush, I have always looked forward to celebrating Christmas wherever I am in this world.

There's something about the entire feel of this festive season that brings about unexplainable joy and peace at the same time.

And no, I am not trying to invalidate the feelings of anyone reading this because truth be told, sometimes because life happened, we feel anxious, worried and down during the holidays. Holiday blues are quite normal so stop beating yourself up and know that whatever you're going through now and feeling as of the moment will eventually will come to pass. Just trust yourself and the process along the way.

While you're at it, take this time to reward yourself for making it through the year. Yes, you deserve that gift you've always wanted for yourself. Whether it's that new gadget you've had your eye on for the longest time, that extended vacation leave or getting the next stamp on your passport, don't feel guilty for giving yourself what is due, for as long as you're willing to take responsibility for your actions. Don't let anything or anyone make you feel less deserving of whatever your heart desires.You only live once so take this time to celebrate yourself during the holidays.

However, amidst the festivities, one thing that you shouldn't stress about are the gifts you can give to others. Do away with the notion that Christmas can be so expensive for everyone and that gifts determine the value you put on a certain relationship. Seriously, they don't. It's not how lavish your gifts are; it's how meaningful they are and how relevant they become to a person long after the holidays are over and they begin their new chapter.

Here are 5 meaningful gifts you can give to others this Christmas that won't break the bank:

  1. Time

I always believed that no one is too busy to create meaningful relationships and beautiful memories. Make use of this holiday season to nurture your relationships by spending time with people closest to your heart. It's not how long you spend time with each but rather how you maximize your time spent together that matters most. Visit a long time friend, call a relative overseas, host a lunch or dinner for your family. Remember, you'll never know how many holidays you can still spend together in the future so make the most of the one you have now. Time is the most precious gift you can give to others (and the one you can give to yourself too) so don't hold back on the chance to make their Christmas happier than usual with your presence.

2. Empathy

Whether someone close to you or a total stranger, they deserve your empathy. Remember that everyone has a different journey and to be able to fully understand them, you must try to walk in their shoes to see the real value of their experiences. So now, as things go crazy in between due to the holiday rush, practicing kindness and understanding towards people working overtime, or those asking for help whether loudly or silently, or those who are not in their festive holiday mood, goes a long way.

3. Help

You are never too weak, to helpless or too insignificant to help another person in need. Doing volunteer work or simply lending your time, effort and resources to help others can make a big difference during the holidays, not only for them, but for yourself as well, as you gain a most rewarding, highly fulfilling experience. Know that whatever you choose to give out this Christmas, for as long as your intentions are clear, they will return to you tenfold.

4. Hope

Somewhere out there, someone looks up to you as an inspiration. Be that shining light of hope for others by sharing your stories that can inspire them to be their own #bestmeever . Never underestimate the power of your words, impact and influence. Use them to change the lives of others for the better as you share your own wisdom lifted from your real-life experiences that are definitely worth sharing

5. Growth

Give a gift that lasts a last time and grows in value. Devote your time to teaching others new skills that can help them thrive better in life. Whether it's all about helping them set up their own business, teaching them how to have an abundant mindset through journaling or equipping them with coaching skills, know that these will greatly impact the way they go through life positively in the long run. Sharing is caring. And know that each time you teach, you grow as well.

I hope that you get to share these gifts with people around you, whether physically or virtually.
By doing so, you not only make their Christmas happier and more meaningful, you also make yours even more special.
It's the season of giving. And experiencing the beauty in receiving.
Don't miss out on this.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.