Apr 19 2023

Why You Are In Your Current Space

Written by: 
Myke Celis

You are exactly where you're meant to be.
So true.

However, let's all be mindful enough that not all spaces are as comfortable as the other.

Life is that unpredictable after all.

Given that, you don't really have to over react when you find yourself in a space that initially may seem not of your liking.

You only have to pause for a while and analyze why you're in that current space to begin with.

Because with better understanding, you get rid of unnecessary anxiety and worries that might cloud your judgment.

Here are 5 reasons why you're in your current space to help you embrace it fully.

  1. Your choices

Your life is the sum total of the choices you make every single day, whether on your own or influenced by others. However, know that the key to enjoy the now is to take responsibility for your choices, good or bad, instead of resisting them while running away in the process. You can never undo them that way to begin with.

2. You have to let go of something

Feeling stuck is quite common for people who refuse to acknowledge the need to let go of something from their past. Remember, anything that doesn't sit well with you and you hold on to it dearly will only weigh you down in the long run. So take this time to ask yourself this important question: what must I let go of? How can I make it easier for me to do so? Start from there.

3. You have a lesson to learn

Notice a pattern in your life? Whether it's all about being betrayed, or having huge debts or whatsoever, know that these will keep on repeating themselves until you finally acknowledge them and deal with them. So if you find yourself in the same space again, it's telling you to learn from your previous experiences.

4. It's a preparation for something better

I always tell myself this whenever I find myself in an uncomfortable situation. Purging, I tell myself. Growth is somewhat painful and messy to begin with so your current space if it's less than ideal, is telling you that rooms for improvement are there, making you realize what you deserve while preparing you for greater days ahead, should you mindfully choose to push thru. Endure now, enjoy after. Haha!

5. It's divinely orchestrated

Trust the process. At times when life is challenging and things are beyond your control, know that there is a greater purpose based on the divine plans of the person up there (whatever you believe in). You just have to go and grow with the flow, no matter where that takes you. Your current space is a launch pad, not a dead end. Remember that always.

I hope these reasons help you be more at ease with your current space.

Know that wherever you are right now, whatever you're going through, it's ok.
You're still on your way to becoming your own #bestmeever .

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.