Jan 30 2023

Why Things Are Not Working Out

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Life is not perfect.
And that's a fact.

We can only make the most of it by embracing each and every moment for what it is and what it brings.

And that includes the twist and turns, the usual curve balls and humps along the way.

Remember, no one can ever control or predict life in general. So don't stress yourself trying to make things go your way always.

Because yes, that's not exactly 100% possible.

However, it's not easy admittedly to take that to heart always.

Most of the time, our own expectations (alongside those of others) get in the way.

Which eventually make us hate ourselves unnecessarily as we try so hard to figure things out by ourselves, in our terms.

We begin to question everything and everyone, including ourselves about the reasons why things are happening as they are.

Well today, allow me to share with you the 5 reasons why things are not working out:

  1. You're transitioning

Yep, change is inevitable. And usually, things get so chaotic before everything falls into place. Moving on or levelling up was never an easy task and the uncomfortable situation that you're in right now is actually telling you that you're embarking on either journey mentioned earlier.

2. You're not yet ready

Greatness takes time. So allow yourself to fail forward. To commit mistakes. To experience hardships. Not getting what you want initially, whether it's your dream job, a relationship you want or the recognition you aspire -- is actually telling you to keep going as you keep growing. Try harder. Do better. Make room for improvements. Trust me, someday, your preparations will pay off.

3. You need to learn an important lesson

Any experience, good or bad, teaches us an important lesson we can use as we move forward in life. You are given challenging situations you can learn from so you can journey towards becoming your own #bestmeever . Please take note that if you're experiencing the same stressful event over and over again and you noticed that it's actually becoming harder and harder in the process, treat it as God's (or the Universe's) way of knocking some sense (and a whole lot of learning) into you.

4. You're being protected

This is perhaps the trickiest one to spot. But it's a real silver lining, if I may say. Life has its own way of saving you from toxic relationships, wrong decisions or merely settling. You just have to trust the process. Breaking up and letting go may be painful at first but what if staying was far worse? Think about that.

5. Better things are coming

Things have to fall apart to make room for better ones to come into place. Trust the process. Your space now might suck big time but know that it's only temporary. Keep the faith. Keep moving forward. Better days ahead. Hang on.

I hope this list allows you to reframe your thoughts when things are not working out.
after all, they might actually be working right for you.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.