Nov 9 2022

When To Pause

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Not now does not mean never.
Take that to heart.


Often times we see delays as something that’s detrimental to our growth.

However, that’s not exactly the case.

You see, it’s the society , the people around us and even ourselves to be candid about it, that made us believe that we should always be on the go.

That every single day was all about taking a step forward, no matter how you feel, no matter how you are.

While at a glance, that can be such an empowering statement, let’s do a reality check.

At times, a step forward can actually mean just staying where you are or even taking a step back.

Indeed, pausing can do wonders for you so that you get to see the bigger picture and not be too anxious or worried along the way so you can continue on being your own #bestmeever even during the toughest days.

Allow me to share with you when it’s time to pause:

1.) When you’re tired

You are not a robot. Remember that. You were not born to just work to pay the bills. You do not exist just to be of great help to others. Burn out is real. Don’t even go there. Pause. Take a break. Rest. You need to recharge and recalibrate. You owe that to yourself. You can only do so much. And don’ t ever feel guilty for allowing yourself to stop and smell the flowers.

2.) When you’re feeling lost and confused

In this situation, a step forward may not be such at all, especially if you are coming from an overwhelmed space. Pause. Take a step back. Breathe. Check on the facts. Do some grounding to stabilize your emotions and give your logic some clarity. Important reminder: don’t risk moving forward if you’re not yet 100% committed. It’s either you’re all in, or not at all.

3.) When you’re happy

Savor the feeling. Pause and just express your gratitude. Allow yourself to feel the emotions and lock them in so that you will have something to remind you when days are gloomy. Take time off your routine to thank all those who have contributed to your happiness. That goes a long way and allows you to move forward eventually with a smile in your heart.

4.) When you’re angry

Trust me, you don’t want to regret anything that you’ve said and done coming from a space of anger. Heightened emotions oftentimes make you do things that are not necessarily aligned with your core values which can in turn just worsen the situation you are in. Pause. Take deep breaths. Calm yourself. Detach yourself from the situation. Reflect. And give yourself some time. You don’t need to resolve everything all at once. Come back when you’re ready. The impact will be different then.

5.) When making a big decision

Don’t act based on impulse. A life changing decision, whether it’s all about making a very big purchase, entering a relationship or ending one, or changing careers or moving out, takes time to process. Allow yourself to pause and reflect. You don’t need to rush things. Allow things to take their natural course and just go (and grow) with the flow. Consider all options first, list down the pros and cons, sleep over them and assess yourself when you’re ready to make that big decision for yourself. Don’t let anything or anyone pressure you to making a decision you’re not fully sold to.

I hope you remember when to pause this time around.

So if you’re still reading this, take it as your sign.


Pausing can be productive.
You just have to trust yourself and the process more.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.