Mar 16 2022

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself From Within

Written by: 
Myke Celis

There are good days and bad days.

And that's perfectly ok.

We celebrate ourselves and our achievements during days when things are going as planned or when they went beyond our expectations in a good way.

However, there are also days when nothing seems to go right and we are left feeling stressed, anxious worried and overwhelmed with a lot of negative emotions.

It is during those days that we seek others for support and validation, hoping to help ease the pain and worries we are experiencing.

Well in the ideal setting, you will have a lot of people willing to give you a hand and whole heartedly support you.

But what if your cheerleaders are not present? How do you intend to move on and forward on your own?

This is where becoming motivated within comes into play.

To be truly self-empowered and secured by yourself, regardless of the circumstance is essential to your growth as you discover and become your own #bestmeever .

Allow me to share with you the 5 ways you can motivate yourself from within:

1.) Recall previous successes

There's beauty in remembering your previous wins, whether or not they are related to the exact challenging situation on hand. This gives you a glimpse on how winning looks and feels like, something which can truly inspire you along the way. Remember, if you have managed to overcome challenges before, some of which may be bigger than the one you have at present, you can always overcome all those on your plate now. Just remember how you did it and what lesson can you apply now in your current space from that successful experience.

2.) Acknowledge your own progress

Each and every day, by being intentional with your thoughts and action, you become closer and closer to our goals. So take time to look back at where you used to be and appreciate where you are now. Know that a lot of people would want to trade spaces with you so don't let bad days make you forget how far you've gone. You've made it this far. No turning back.

3.) Remember the compliments you received

Through the years, others have seen your growth and progress. Recall all those times that your heart overflowed with gratitude due to all the kind words you received from people you know, people you loved and from random strangers. Did someone compliment you about how you look? Did they say how talented you were? How many told you that they look up to you as an inspiration? If you're looking for validation at present that times are hard, know that you have gotten them way before you needed them now. Hang on to those.

4.) Focus on positive possibilities

Ask yourself "What if?" and enumerate as many positive outcomes you can think about regarding your present concern. Remember, you are only held back by your assumptions that are basically anchored on negative outcomes alone. Don't let your 50% chance of winning go to waste. Be inspired by hope. That will help you pull through even the most difficult times.

5.) Be kinder to yourself

Instead of beating yourself up during tough times, try giving yourself the kind of love, understanding and support you expect from others. Allow yourself to have a break to rest and recalibrate, to hear the words of encouragement you long to hear, to get back on your feet at your own pace, in your own space as you redefine your next journey. As they say, a little kindness, even during the darkest days, can go a long way. Because it inspires you to be your best.

I hope that these will help you find motivation within as you become genuinely self-empowered.

Looking forward to see you all thrive even more.

I got you guys!

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.