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Written by Myke Celis

April 20, 2021

Here’s an interesting fact:

At times, what really makes a goal hard to achieve is not the lack of skills nor opportunities.

It’s the lack of self-confidence.

That feeling of not being worthy, not being good enough.

These are walls we built by ourselves.

They hold us back from becoming the person we are meant to be: our very own #bestmeever .

Let’s face it: it’s not that easy to be truly confident when we all have experienced a lot of down times in our lives.

However, please know that it’s very much possible to increase your self-confidence with these 5 tips I will share with you:

  • Stop letting your past define you

It’s over and done with. So why hold on to whatever painful experience you’ve had up to this day? You have a choice to start all over again as you learn from what initially broke you so you can have your own breakthrough. You’re not defined by your past; you’re defined by the choices you make there after.

  • Celebrate previous successes

Somewhere along the way, you have succeeded in your own right. Celebrate those wins. If you’ve done it before, why worry about not being able to achieve the same now?

  • Acknowledge how far you’ve gone

You’ve survived and made it this far. So why doubt yourself? Wear your battle scars proud. And give yourself that much-deserved pat on the back.

  • Create a strategic action plan

What normally freaks us out is the fact that we don’t have a plan to back us up as we pursue our goals, coming from a space of unfamiliarity. By carefully listing down all your options and specific steps on how you can reach your goals, you become more confident in the process knowing that somehow, you have it all figured out.

  • Practice self-affirmation

Be your own best fan. Tell yourself all the words you long to hear. Know that you are truly great within, you just have to consistently remember that, no matter what. The thing is: you’re actually the best person to remind yourself too.

There you go. I hope that these tips will enable you to level up your confidence so you can finally pursue your dreams with the greatest of ease.

Enjoy your journey as you break free confidently!

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