Aug 1 2022

5 Ways To Age Happily And Gracefully

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Never too late to start on something great, something new.

I couldn't agree more.

This was actually the thought I had this morning while I was jogging, after realizing that it was already the 1st of August.

Yup, finally my birthday month as I turn 41 on the 12th.

I know, just a few days from now before I age a little more, albeit happily and gracefully, I'd like to think. haha!

While other people find it terrifying, I actually find celebrating birthdays (and aging) as a beautiful reminder that life goes on.

And that means, whatever space you are in now, you can still make it better as you journey towards your own #bestmeever .

So do away with the notion that aging is all about being frail, wrinkles and just watching life pass you by.

Because you know what, it will always be more than that.

Allow me to share with you 5 ways you can age happily and gracefully:

  1. Make every day your birthday

You just can't wait once a year to reflect, recalibrate and realize how blessed you are to celebrate yourself. Ok make that twice, because at times we do the same thing during new year. Imagine how different your life will be if you wake up excited every single day, anticipating wonderful presents and just being more aware of your progress. Remember, aging is not about how many years have passed you by; you can age happily and gracefully every single day as you choose to grow along the way as you celebrate yourself unconditionally.

2, Do away with superficial attachments

One thing I learned about life: people and things come and go. And you know what, that's ok. So instead of stressing and sulking over attachments that have faded into oblivion, focus on the real connections made. Remember, each person and everything that happens to you has its own purpose and no matter how short, they probably have fulfilled it in their own way. Come from a space of acceptance and bask in the beauty of what was while remaining happy and excited over what is here and now.

3. Create a birthday bucket list

This one is very exciting for me because I get to chunk down my bigger goals into what's workable within a year. This involves letting go of all the things (and people) that are no longer serving you well and becoming really honest with yourself and what you really want to have or achieve as you get a year older. Having a clear picture of the things you want to have and achieve, with a highly strategic action plan to turn them into reality makes your journey towards your entire year ahead more exciting and inspiring.

4. Be intentional in closing painful chapters in the past

I always say, you can only move on and forward if you have learned to be at peace with your past. And this means goving yourself the closure you want and deserve, with or without the consent (or presence) of the other parties involved. It's all about reflecting fully, and accepting things as they were and acknowledging things as they are now. You have the power of choice to turn that page in your life and never look back so that you won't be distracted as you live the life you've always wanted without anything holding you back.

5. Have a healthy relationship with yourself

You are the most important person inside the room. You can age happily and gracefully by having a healthy relationship with yourself, giving yourself what you want and what is due, choosing the space you want to be in and the people you want in your circle and allowing yourself to live the life you've always wanted without any form of judgment or fear. Yes, self-love and self-care play a very important role in aging wonderfully.

Let me end this blog post by saying that yes, age is but a number.

It's not the number of years that count.

But rather, how you make each day, each moment ,

of every year added to your life, count.

May you age happily and gracefully too.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.