Nov 4 2021

5 Things You Should Not Fake

Written by: 
Myke Celis

According to an ad by Adidas for their campaign against patronizing fake products:

Fake hurts real.

And I couldn’t agree more.

At times people try to fake things to make them look more appealing, more successful, more ideal.

And in the pursuit of wanting to belong and accepted, they forget that in the long run, faking it does not really allow one to make it.

In fact, at times, faking it can cause one to have a breakdown rather than his/her much wanted breakthrough.

That’s not exactly an ideal space to be caught in.

Because rather than avoiding the real issue by padding on “perfect patches” to create an ideal life, what is key here is to accept one’s self whole and love one’s self fully to be truly empowered from within.

At the end of the day, becoming one’s #bestmeever is all about anchoring one’s self on authenticity and integrity.

So allow me to share with you the 5 things you should not fake if you want to become the grandest version of yourself:

  1. Your feelings

Do not ever try to mask your emotions just to get the approval of others or to become someone’s aspirations. Contrary to popular belief, vulnerability is a superpower that few people have. Never invalidate how you feel or see yourself as weak when you cry. Know that it takes a whole lot of strength to acknowledge one’s emotions and doing such allows you to process them fully and address what is really needed beyond the fake smiles (or tears). It’s ok not to be ok and you are allowed to cry if needed. Know that people who are really true to you will love and accept you for who and what you are, no matter how you feel.

2. Your credentials

If you didn’t earn it, don’t flaunt it. Never pretend to be an expert in something that you are not. Not only will you be putting yourself in a jeopardy if you fake it, but also, you’ll be endangering those who actually believe in you. Know that greatness takes time and a whole lot of hard work and commitment so don’t short change yourself and others by putting certifications or degrees you never had or claiming a job title that is not backed up by your actual expertise. Allow yourself to take the high road and journey accordingly towards your best, without finding the need to impress others along the way as you focus on yourself and your growth.

3. Your successes

Credit grabbing is a big no-no and don’t ever banner things under your name which have not really happened or that were merely blown up to crazy proportions just to stir interest or gain approval. Stop claiming things you’ve never done, claiming programs you never made or results you never delivered. Again, it’s very important to let your consistent results speak for you instead of bannering false ones. Remember, it’s harder to make up for a reputation that’s tainted versus working hard to achieve the successes you really want for yourself and others.

4. Your associations

Please. Quit telling you know this person or this celebrity or you’re a part of an elite group if you’re really not. Meeting them once or twice does not make them your friend you know, so don’t abuse that word. Know that as much as it’s important to associate yourself with the big wigs, it’s also important to realize that you, as you are, have your own value to uphold outside of that association. Don’t let your credibility depend on the “relationships” you have (no matter how tight or superficial they may be)…build it yourself instead.

5. Your commitments

You are as good as your word. So if you’re merely faking it and giving promises left and right just to get the approval of others without really committing to them fully, then you are compromising your integrity big time. Don’t ever give your word for the sake of. Know that trust can be easily broken and hard to restore and that’s one thing that’s far more important than just looking good temporarily. Each and every time you break your word, you break the chance to build a long, lasting, genuine relationship with others and yourself.

So there, I hope these help you avoid the things that you must not fake to ensure that you breeze through life without the need to justify the lies and actions not in alignment with your authentic self.

Stay true always.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.