5 Negative Thoughts You Should Not Entertain

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Your thoughts become your reality.

And that goes both ways.

What I mean is that whatever you focus on, it becomes your reality, good or bad.

That's how powerful your mind is.

Good if you utilize its strength into harnessing your own potential and pushing yourself forward as you become your own #bestmeever .

However, it's a different story altogether if you actually choose to focus on the negative thoughts that you have.

Remember, your self-talk is very powerful and it can definitely affect the way you see and do things in your life in general.

Curating your self-talk is not an easy task so to speak because again, you are very much exposed to a lot of people, things and situations which may cause you to have negative thoughts about yourself. The thing is, you cannot control all of them and stop them from wrecking havoc to your mental and emotional state.

Celebrating yourself then becomes challenging, however, in my opinion, but still very much possible by choice. It's a must actually.

Speaking of choices, what kind of thoughts have you been entertaining on your mind lately? Take this moment to reflect and come from honesty: how are they affecting you in your current space?

Ok, so if you've been entertaining a bunch of not-so-good thoughts lately, know that it's never too late to do away with them.

Here are 5 negative thoughts you should not entertain when they come to you for a visit:

1.) "You are not worthy."

Normally we get this idea when we get rejected, whether by another person or an opportunity on hand. Sadly though, this thought stems from previous experiences while growing up, whether from your parents who minimized your own potentials or opinions of others about yourself and your work which cut through your entire being. However, it is important to know that you define your own worthiness. It's not really based on who you were before, what you've done or what you've failed at. It's about who you choose to be now, how committed you are to yourself and your growth and what you choose to do about your current situation you're in that determines it. Never let what other people said about you nor what the circumstance made you feel, make you forget how deserving you are to still take up space, no matter what.

2.) "You are not good enough."

Failures can definitely dampen our spirits and bruise our egos. But hey, part of growth. What we miss out here is that failure is not an end by itself; it's our choice of whether we let it be or we get inspired to work on ourselves once more based on the rooms for improvement. Come to think of it, isn't it a beautiful thing to know exactly what to anticipate, do differently and turn your failure into an inspiring story there after? Greatness takes time. And a whole lot of patience and effort too. So you may not be good enough...yet. And that's ok. It's only the beginning for you. That will definitely still change.

3.) "You're too much."

Too ambitious? Too animated? Too optimistic? Geez. By who's standards? If it's based on the standards of the society and others, why stress so much? Never let those stop you from becoming the person you're meant to be. You don't need anyone else's approval to be genuine as you embrace your truth. Remember, you will never be too much for the right people you choose to surround yourself with because they will be willing love and support you as you are, and as you grow. For as long as you take responsibility for yourself and your actions, no one can say that you're being too much. Maybe they are just coming from feeling less about themselves each time they see you go for what you truly want and deserve. Who knows? Regardless, don't allow others to put you in a box.

4.) "You're all alone."

It may not seem like it always, but know that somewhere out there, someone believes in you and treats you as his/her inspiration. While sometimes we expect too much from people who we consider as the ones closest to our hearts, it's unfortunate that sometimes, when we least expect it, they are no where to be found when we needed them the most. Take things as they are. And know that this experience allows you to see who really values you. You might be surprised how many others are willing to have a space in your life...they were just waiting for you to open up and notice them. Apart from that, let your faith take the lead. Believing in a higher being, whether that's God for you or someone else, allows you to hold on to hope as you journey through life. Never forget also the fact that you, by choice, can be your own greatest fan. So never leave your own side, regardless of what happens. The Universe has your back. And so do you.

5.) "You'll never make it."

Where you are right now, is exactly where you're meant to be. If you're struggling, it's preparing you for more growth. However, note that struggling does not mean you're failing. And it also does not mean that you'll never make it. Take that to heart. You always have the power to choose what's best for you, as you work on yourself and take one step forward every single day. Don't let the words of others stop you. You'll make it someday, in your own way. You just have to be fully committed to your goals, whatever they may be.

I hope that this article gives you a heads up on the negative thoughts that you have to avoid at all costs.

Mind you, these are the things I have heard others say to me before.

Negative thoughts which I never entertained. Thus never stopped me from becoming the person that I am now.

Remember: You become what you focus on.
So always see yourself through beautiful, grateful lens.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.