Dec 20 2022

What Christmas Is Not

Written by: 
Myke Celis

This year is not your usual Christmas holiday.
And this is perhaps true for many.

I mean after more than two years, finally the effects of the COVID19 pandemic seems to have lessen in terms of gravity and number of cases. However, a lot of people have yet to recover from their own personal experiences filled with anxiety, worries and sadness because of what transpired in the past two holiday seasons we had.

What's good about now though is that slowly travel and living restrictions are easing up and people have been slowly coping with the new normal.

Just in time for Christmas! Love it!

I must admit, I find joy now just driving around, admiring the Christmas decors of establishments left and right while listening to the Christmas tunes which seem to have a new meaning (and feeling!) altogether now.

Best gift ever. The freedom to finally celebrate Christmas the way we want to. Well almost. Haha.

But hey, let's face it. Life is definitely getting better. So let's just be grateful. *fingers crossed.

Now, I know that by this time you might slowly be getting excited to perhaps re-think how you can celebrate your Christmas this year.

Well, allow me to define first what Christmas is not so that you can truly reflect how you want to go about enjoying the holidays.

1.) Christmas is not all about gifts

Seriously. While it's nice to be remembered or to be able to give others presents, Christmas isn't all about that. The size of one's gift given or received does not demarcate how valuable one is during the season. Remember, your presence alone and the presence of those dear to your heart are more than enough. Wouldn't that be the best gift ever: simply being appreciated for who and what you are as you remain grateful for all the people who have showered you with love through the years. Think again before stressing yourself over that next present.

2.) Christmas is not about parties

While Christmas is synonymous to celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, it doesn't exactly mean that you need to pressure yourself to say yes to all the parties and go on a drinking spree until you go bankrupt. You can still celebrate intimately with friends and loved ones even over a simple dinner and still enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. Don't ever base your Christmas on the amount of food on the table and number of drinks in the fridge.

3.) Christmas is not just for kids, families, friends and couples.

Christmas is within you. You don't need anyone else to remind you how beautiful it is to celebrate it, as you are. Whether you're single, you're on your gray years or far away from home, you can still enjoy the holidays in your space by focusing on being grateful and being present in the moment. Don't waste the holidays away. Go out. Create meaningful connections. And relive the Christmas vision you've always had in your heart.

4.) Christmas is not about the amount of money you have

Your money inside your wallet or bank account has nothing to do with the amount of happiness you can have this season of giving, only if you allow yourself to look beyond monetary concerns. Stop comparing, start living within your means. And find new meaning in finding freedom from superficial concerns. Don't miss this chance to turn the holidays into a priceless experience instead.

5.) Christmas is not just a holiday break

While generally we associate it with rest because of the non-working holidays during Christmas season, Christmas is more than just a paid vacation. It's actually a springboard for you to reflect and recalibrate as you prepare for yet another wonderful year ahead. Invest on yourself and on your growth and start working within instead. So that by the time comes we bid Christmas goodbye, you are more than prepared to say hello to the new year that awaits. Celebrate in your own way, your own pace. It's not just part of a timeline. It's there to stay. So own it.

I hope this blog helps you align your thoughts about Christmas.

At the end of the day,

Christmas is what it is for you.
Make the most of it.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.