Feb 18 2021

That Somebody Better: The Choice To Be The Best You

Written by: 
Myke Celis

We all had those moments.

When we wished that we were someone else.

I vividly remembered those days when I came from that exact space. That space filled with discontent and unhappiness. All I knew back then was that I wanted to switch places with people whom I thought, were living the life I’ve always wanted for myself.

I saw them as “somebody better” . The irony of embracing that notion was that though they inspired me, they also brought out one of my biggest enemies from within then: my own insecurities.

For as long as I can remember, I would continuously ask myself then: “Can I actually make it like them?” “Am I worthy to be in the same space?” “Am I good enough?” All these and more kept ringing in the head of my younger, impulsive self who was coming from a space of wanting to prove himself to the rest of the world.

Because I was brought up that way. That I should act like this. That I should be like this. That I should follow and conform no matter what.

And that was one of the biggest misconceptions I had while growing up:

That I needed to follow a certain standard to be accepted.

That I needed to fit into a mould that “worked”.

That I needed to be that “somebody better.”

But you know what, the Universe has its own way to make you realize things fully.

In the most unforgettable manner, if I may add.

Let’s have a quick throwback first. Here’s a pic of me taken during the launch of the first book my #bestmeever book series in 2017. It actually demarcated the beginning of my gradual shift to life coaching, as I chose to slowly turn my back from a lucrative advertising and marketing career to finally pursue what makes my heart skip a beat. It was the time when I fully committed to choosing my self-growth and happiness.

During that time though, I had one person in mind to model. That “somebody better”.

Tony Robbins.

This man has been one of my inspirations alongside Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres — my source of motivation then to work on myself and jumpstart my career as a life coach. I remember the times I would read articles about him, watch his videos and imagine myself BEING LIKE HIM.

Yes, that deserved an emphasis.

Because that was my space before. To be the next Tony Robbins. Because I felt and thought that he, was “somebody better” in my vocabulary: the way he speaks, the way he inspires, the way he changes lives in an instant. Globally. And people who have heard me in my talks have told me that I had the same vibe.

And I decided to take his route. To speak to inspire. Write more books. Coach world wide. Inspire, touch and change lives.

Everything I always wanted to do and more. For a time, he was my own #bestmeever .

…until the Universe showed me otherwise.

Fast forward to 2019 when I was invited to be part of the elite roster to represent the Philippines in the first ever Freedom Summit, where more than 50 notable speakers from all over the world will participate.

I vividly remember my conversation with Ricky Shetty, the organizer who was a co-speaker of mine in #TEDxMagsaysayBlvd. I was telling him how grateful and honored I was since that was technically my first international speaking engagement.

Me (excitedly): Thanks Ricky for choosing me! #RoadToTonyRobbins !

His answer, changed my life there after.

Ricky: No Myke, it’s #RoadToTHEMykeCelis !

I was totally numb and speechless as something within me just clicked.

All my life, I have been wanting to be “somebody better”, to be someone else.

But here’s a person of great stature and influence, who recognized my value for who and what I was. As is.

And that very moment, I knew I had set myself free.

From all my expectations. From the mould I made up in my head.

From the person I thought I wanted to be. From the perception that the society envisioned me to be.

From all my self-doubts that hindered me from becoming the person I am meant to be.

I just had to accept the fact that I have a different journey. And that’s ok.

To have my own destiny.

One that is based on the conscious choices I make every single day.

Every single time I choose myself and what makes me feel happy, complete and fulfilled, I allow myself to be a step closer to what I am really meant to be and inspire others to do the same.

No, not another Tony Robbins. Though it will be an honor to stand and speak alongside my younger self’s hero. And thank him for being an inspiration.

But “somebody better” :

My own #bestmeever .

#unicorning all over.

In my own way. Owning my space. With all that I am and with all that I have.

This is my journey.

I am Coach Myke Celis.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.