Sep 28 2022

How I lost weight and found myself in 100 Days

Written by: 
Myke Celis

I spent the last 100 days working on myself.

Long overdue if I may say. Haha!

I let my old self die along with all the unnecessary burdens I was carrying with me, thinking that I must endure so that others can enjoy being their journey towards their own #bestmeever my expense sad to say.

As a professional coach, I am used to giving my all, each and every time I engage with my coachees and mentees during our sessions. And as the person that I am, I have always been the type who's willing to sacrifice when needed just to make my relationships, whether romantic or other wise, work.

While my heart was full during the entire time that I was giving, admittedly, I forgot to allow myself to receive just as much.

Yes, I am only human and sometimes I forget. So there, I hope that I debunked the notion that coaches are invincible.

I don't want to be invincible. I want to be real that's why I am sharing this, to show that it's ok to be your vulnerable self.

To admit that you're tired. To recognize that you need to do a hard stop. To acknowledge that you need to focus more on yourself. To love yourself more in the process.

To be candid about it, it took quite sometime (and a number of situations) to make me realize that.

You know that saying when God (and the Universe) wants you to learn something, He will give you situations that will make you rethink your decisions, albeit at times really painful and heart breaking, so that you will learn your lessons well.

I think I got that point across. Clearly! Haha!

Prior to me having the much needed hard stop, things seem to be falling apart left and right: relationships not working out, contracts shelved, regular media guestings cancelled or moved -- all these things I tried to keep to myself as I processed alone initially. In the process of coping and being optimistic about things thinking that all will come to pass, I saw myself going out more and just enjoying life the best way I know: exploring new food places left and right. Yup, even if I was working out, I was eating much. My thought then: best way to think things over. Haha!

That was one of the biggest lies I told myself and good thing I caught myself immediately.

I remember taking a bath one day right after my heart got broken in a million pieces by someone and decided to take my pic. When I saw my pic, it then hit me: I love my curves and all, but I know I can love myself more.

So this was me. On that fateful day. At 179.3 lbs. Chubuff! hahaha!

And then I remembered: I walk the talk.

This is what I tell my coachees and mentees. To practice what they preach. To be a living example.

So I did.

First thing I did was to give myself a clear goal: to be my #bestmeever self again in the next 100 days.

I had a clear vision of how that will look like: healthier, happier and a whole lot better.

Next, I did a hard stop. I started saying no to engagements that were not life changing for me. I asked permission from my clients that I will need a time off as I heal and recalibrate myself. Same goes with my usual media programs. My honesty paid off: they were all supportive. I felt the love. And I will always be grateful for that. Now that my schedule was a bit free, what do I want to do now?

This was a no brainer.

I went to Boracay, one of my favorite beaches for a week to just reflect and recognize the space that I am in.

It helped a lot. Healing took place the moment I landed there and re-traced my steps, re-lived some experiences and created new memories. So many tears shed, so many emotions felt. All worth it. It was empowering and liberating to slowly let the broken pieces of my old self fall off and reveal my upgraded one underneath. I also enjoyed my long walks from Station 1 to Station 3 every morning and during sunset because I got to burn a lot of calories and practice gratitude for this opportunity to start all over again. Promise, reflecting while walking was very therapeutic.

I also started mindful eating then because wellness and over-all well-being includes not only the mental and emotional state but the physical state as well. Ok, so I started doing intermittent fasting (16-8), no more rice, ate more proteins and veggies. Yes, veggies. For those who know me, they will probably raise eyebrows upon reading this. But hey yes, if there's one beautiful habit I learned from my previous painful experience is to have a wonderful relationship with vegetables and veggie meat. Haha!

A sample of my usual food from that time on. My goodness, never in my wildest dreams have I imagined myself ordering salad, and just salad for lunch. But hey miracles do happen! And after 100 days, I think I am a testament to that. I love veggies now. Legit.

I also started a morning routine to challenge myself and allow myself to have time and space to reflect and process every single day. I started jogging in the morning. Usually at 4:30AM. Rain or shine. Crazy right?

One of my favorite places. But it goes beyond health reasons and burning calories. It was all about practicing my commitment to myself and my own wellness and well-being. While I was not that overweight to begin with, I realized that loving myself more means to also allow myself to take care of my body so I can look and feel my best. Cannot just settle knowing that I can still be better. So glad I committed to that practice. Up to now actually!

By this time you also know that I had my cataract operation recently so that coincided with my time off, and looking at it, it's actually a blessing in disguise. I was forced to stay at home and recover and recuperate. I knew I had to keep my body healthy so I began a loving relationship with my yoga mat and did stretches regularly to keep my body in tune (and me inspired).

That's my after stretching glow in my unfiltered picture taken after my routine.

So slowly and surely, I got back into a healthy routine that worked for me, while consciously and intentionally managing my work load better. I started accepting new clients as I found new inspiration in what I do, because this time around, as I coach, I also allowed myself to be coached (thanks Coach, you know who you are!) and be part of the equation (recognizing my own needs and wants as just as important and not just settle for the sake of). I actually found more joys in saying NO's to the many requests that flood me daily. And even more joy in saying yes to owning my space and sanitizing it fully. In the process, I also found happiness in going back to my aerial silks practice because that sparked joy outside of what I was used to doing. A little excitement goes a long way.

Ok. let me rephrase that as this must be too much of an excitement already for some. Haha!

All through out my journey, I also became more mindful about doing the things that make my heart smile. So I did put up my Christmas tree early and bought a number of statement shirts that resonated with me.

Don't you just think my personal holiday looked good on me?

I shed more and more weight as the days go by and together with the excess pounds were the excess baggage and stress I unknowingly carried.

The more weight I lost, the more I found myself.

It wasn't just my weight that was holding me down; it was my decision then to give others all the love and affection I could. Something which now I realized I deserved myself. I just forgot because I was too busy with work and working things out.

And now, I am so glad I did realize everything just in time.

Because who I saw as my wellness journey unfolded was my real self: a person who was genuinely happy, complete and fulfilled.

Ready to face the world again.

And the world couldn't agree more.

I am grateful for the warm welcome everyone gave me and everything just seems to be falling back into place.

I went back to the radio station to do live broadcast after 2.5 years of doing remote ones. I love it's new look! Not to mention I have a new regular stint in another station for the coming month and other media-related interviews ahead. I'm back!

I also started giving face to face workshops again and reviving all the pending speaking, coaching and facilitating engagements I had with brands and companies. The energy of the participants from CDO filled my love tank to the brim. Thank you for the trust and love. See you again soon!

I told you the Universe has a funny way of reminding you that you're on the right track. In my case, my interview with global thought leadership magazine, Authority Magazine , just came out. The topic: Total Health. Uhm, relate much! But again, I am super grateful for this opportunity to inspire worldwide.

This recent win before I finished my 100 days as one of the Top Celebrity Life Coaches globally was really life changing and timely for me. It was a beautiful reminder of why I chose to be in this industry and that being able to change lives globally is a privilege I hold close to my heart. Thank you for believing in me and in what I do best.

And of course, since I weigh myself daily, I'd like to share how much I weigh. From 81.5 kgs (179.3 lbs) when I started, to ...

Yes, taken this morning. 74.70 kgs. (164.34 lbs). That's 14.96 lbs lost in 100 days. Yaaaasssss!

You may ask how I look like now?

Wish granted.

After work out. No edits.

Heartbreaks really do look good on me, don't you agree?

I am now ready for more mature roles, Direk. hahahaha!

But seriously, looking good makes one feel good right? That's my space now. After seeing I can actually fit into my 2018 clothes (I was 158 lbs at my leanest, but changed my body goals now because I want to beef up instead of being twinkish, if you know what I mean. haha!)

Can I just say?

I am just so proud of myself.

Great job, Self!

The entire journey wasn't easy. But all worth it.

I hope this blog post of mine inspires you guys to just keep going. Keep growing.

Let your heartbreaks lead you to your breakthroughs.

Let your 100 days start now.

For me, my next 100 days continue. On to more healthy living, greater goals, more meaningful relationships, continuous healing, recalibrating and growing.

I am on my way to my own #bestmeever .

If you want to go on your own wellness and wellbeing journey towards your own #bestmeever , message me when you're ready to invest on your self, your happiness and your growth. Let's work together.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.