Jul 18 2023

5 Things to Free Yourself From

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Freedom is priceless.
And that’s a fact.

I have always believed that you cannot be truly happy unless you’re free.

For the longest time, you have subscribed to what people around you and the society have imposed on you as your reality.

A reality that fits you inside a box that has little or no room for comfort as you try to conform with the so called norm.

But hey, life isn’t all about just going with the bandwagon.

It’s all about being able to celebrate your authentic, unapologetic, grandest version of yourself: your own #bestmeever .

Being (and staying) free is one of the biggest commitment you can give yourself, one which you truly deserve.

So allow me to share with you the 5 things you must free yourself from to be able to live your life fully:

  1. Pains from the past

Life can be rough at times and the pains that we have experienced before can haunt us at present. However, it’s important to know that holding on to them won’t change a thing. Accepting them as they are and learning from those experiences, will. Treat them as a springboard towards the life that you want rather as a huge weight on your back that holds you down. Pains only need to be recognized and felt, not held on to.

2. The need to please others

You are not in any way required to seek approval from others to live the life that you’ve always wanted for yourself. It’s your own life, your rules. For as long as you’re willing to take responsibility for your actions and you remain committed to your own happiness and growth, it’s ok to choose a life others will never understand. They don’t have to, to begin with.

3. The pressure to meet your expectations

Things don’t always happen the way you want them to because there are a lot of things beyond our control. Stressing over them won’t bring you closer to your goals. Take things as they are. Work with those under your control. And just live in the moment. Don’t let unmet expectations hold you back. Remember, not getting what you want now does not necessarily mean that it will never happen. Free yourself from the need to control each and every outcome you want for your life. Things happen for a reason, let them be. Let yourself be, too.

4. Your self-judgments

Don’t let the judgments of others influence your own when it comes to how you see yourself. Their opinion is not your reality. You know yourself best and that is all that matters. So instead of being your own worst critic, be your own greatest fan as you let go of the need to put yourself down just to feel that you’re one of the many and that you’re being humble enough as you do just that. Totally the opposite I tell you as you are merely short changing yourself and holding yourself back with your own judgments. So let go of them. You’re better off without them.

5. Toxic people and habits

Like they say, surround yourself with people, things and situations that bring out the best in you, not the stress in you. Reflect on your own behavior and the circle that you have as of the moment: who and what does not add value to your life at present? Set them free so that you get to allow those that you deserve to share spaces with you, in. It’s all about being mindfully aware of owning your space and curating it in such a way that it helps you live life to the fullest without any form of negativity that can hold you back.

I hope this post empowers you to finally set yourself free from everything holding you back from becoming the person you’re meant to be.

Never too late to start now.
Because as you are, you are very much worthy of this new beginning as you live life fully and free.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.