Apr 8 2021

5 Things Far More Important Than Work

Written by: 
Myke Celis

For some, work is life.

Like nine-to-five is dedicated solely to what pays the bills.

At times, it goes beyond that as well.

Longer work hours. No holidays.

More time with officemates. More time to build one’s career.

However, in the process of  focusing too much on work for wanting to earn a living, we forget one important thing: 

To live the life we have always wanted.

Take this time to read through this list of 5 things which I believe are far more important than work:

  • Your health and well-being

How have you been managing your stress lately? Have you had enough time to actually sit back, relax and pamper yourself? Remember, it’s very important to take care of your overall health, because at the end of the day, if it suffers, working won’t even be possible. Make sure to include exercise, healthy diet,  meditation and other self-care routines in between to allow yourself to always be at the pink of health.

  • Your quality time with loved ones

When the going gets tough, trust that your loved ones will never fire you. I doubt it if same goes at work. Haha! What I am just saying is, you also need to spend more time with people who truly matter to you because at the end of the day, long after work is over, they’re the ones by your side, no matter what happens. Working long hours can never compensate for missing out on very important family occasions, personal milestones and the like because those are priceless.

  • Your personal growth

So yeah, cool, your work pays the bills and you get to reach the top of the food chain in your career ladder. However, beyond your success, are you really able to pursue what makes your heart fulfilled? Have you really given yourself time to pursue your passion or learn something new? Know that your own #bestmeever is not defined by your work alone.

  • Your own happiness

Are you genuinely happy outside of what you do at work? Have you given yourself the permission to just be and experience the best things in life without feeling guilty about your work deadlines? Remember that it’s ok to put yourself as your top priority, simply because if you’re coming from a space of happiness, everything around you will be in alignment -- your work included. Never deprive yourself from the kind of life you truly want and deserve.

  • Leaving a mark in the lives of others

Picture this, how would you like others to remember you? Someone who worked long hours or became a CEO of a company? Or someone who helped change their lives and inspired them to be their best? It’s all about allowing yourself to be relevant beyond the walls of your office by reaching out to others and making a difference in their lives. Know that you are never too busy to help and that allows your heart to come from a space of overflow. It helps to be surrounded with like minded people who can empower and inspire you from within.

I hope that you get to work on living the life you’ve always wanted.

Time in now.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.