Jan 5 2023

5 Signs It's Time To Start All Over Again In 2023

Written by: 
Myke Celis

Happy new year!
Which basically equates to a happy new you!

We often make the new year as the perfect time to self-reflect and recalibrate there after.

I guess it's that notion that we have to begin the year on a clean slate.

Which can mean reinventing one's self in the process to become one's own #bestmeever whatever that may look like.

However, truth be told, we need not wait for the new year to change anew.

To become the person we want to be.

Because in reality, we can start all over again at any given point in our lives.

So yes, this is your cue to reflect: what is my current space and what's next for me?

Be sure to be clear about it so that you will be guided accordingly as you go through the rest of 2023, better than ever.

Now, the big question is: when do you begin?

Here are 5 signs that it's time to start all over again in 2023:

1.) When things are not working out for you

Come from a space of honesty and ask yourself what's not in alignment in your life? What's causing unnecessary stress and chaos? Remember, as the saying goes, some things have to fall apart so that the right ones can fall into place. Maybe that's telling you the same: that you're not supposed to be in the same space that has become too small or too crowded for you. Time for that personal overhaul.

2.) When things are going really smoothly for you

I know. This may be the exact opposite of the one I mentioned earlier. But so as not to confuse you, what this basically means is that if you encounter a number of coincidences that seem to be stepping stones towards where you want to be, take them as your sign. Be brave enough to level up. The Universe is letting you know that you are very much supported and loved.

3.) When you're having doubts

Be mindful of your own feelings and emotions. If doubts are starting to creep in, whether it's about yourself, your work, your relationship or whatever else matters to you, pause first and assess the situation. Then based on your reflection, begin anew with what will work best for you. And yes, feeling confused at times is normal. What's essential is what you do there after.

4.) When you have prepared for it fully

You worked hard. Stayed committed all through out. Did everything you can with all that you have in the last few months or years. So what's stopping you from turning the page and embarking on a new adventure you've always dreamed of? You are now built for the battle. Conquer it. There's no perfect timing really; only the perfect decision to commit to one's self and one's growth. You are ready.

5.) When nothing seems to be happening

The world around you might seem too fast paced at time while you seem stuck at present. That's your sign to get yourself out of that rut. Learn what you must, do what you can. But remember to keep moving forward after mastering the stillness around you. Because that space was actually preparing you for something far greater than you imagined.

If you reached this point then most probably you could have related to at least one of these.

If you did, congratulations.

This is your sign.

Welcome 2023 with a bang.

Time to start all over again.
Because change will always be beautiful.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.