Apr 15 2022

5 Questions To Reflect On During The Holy Week

Written by: 
Myke Celis

It's more than just a very long vacation.

The Holy Week for Catholics, like myself, that is.

More than the planned (or unplanned) trips and getaways here and there, the Holy Week actually presents a beautiful opportunity to reflect and recalibrate, as you do away with things (and people) that stress you or make you feel burned out.

For some, it's a time to relieve beautiful family traditions as they visit numerous churches and attend various religious gatherings. For others, it's the perfect time to do spring cleaning and decluttering their lives in general.

For me, this year, I have decided to spend it reflecting as I fully recharge at home so that I will be ready in the weeks to come, based on my full schedule and a number of deliverables. I see it as a beautiful time to inquire within and realize the space I am in so that I may stay empowered and inspired to do all things that make my heart and soul genuinely happy.

Allow me to share with you the 5 questions you can reflect on this Holy Week, to make it even more meaningful and rewarding:

1.) Where am I now at this point in my life?

I love this question. It helps me identify the exact space I am in. What I do is scan all aspects of my life e.g. relationships, career, passion, financial, dreams etc. and honestly identify how I feel about them and acknowledge how far I have gone in the process. I allow myself to celebrate my progress while identifying what beautiful improvements I can still make as I journey towards my own #bestmeever . Having a clear picture of your starting point allows you to ground yourself and accept the space you're in, both of which essential to your own growth.

2.) What changes do I want in my life?

There's nothing wrong with wanting more or being more. Take time to reflect and recognize what are the things that you want to experience in your space differently. Identify the things that can make you happier and list them down. Justify why they are essential to your life now and note how they can change you for the better. Remember: change is inevitable and growth is a matter of choice, so make sure you consistently focus on your self-improvement as you embrace change whole heartedly.

3.) What is no longer working for me?

Sometimes you out grow people, things, your environment and situations. And that's perfectly ok. So now, assessing the space you're in: what no longer sparks joy or no longer adds value or inspiration? By recognizing what no longer works for you, allows you to clear the space it occupies as you make room for new, beautiful and relevant things (or people) to come into your life.

4.) What can I do now that's under my control?

Fact: you can't control everything around you. And that's ok. What must you focus on now (after knowing all the things that make you happy and the things that no longer work for you) that's under your control? What must you let go of to make room for new and better experiences? What can you start in your own way now? What must you initially park? It's all about decluttering your life and identifying your priorities and working on them.

5.) How can I commit to myself and my plans better?

Having a solid plan can only take you so far in your journey. Commitment is key. Give yourself a definite deadline with expected milestones so that you can be guided accordingly. You already know your "what", "why" and "how"...it's now time to ask yourself "when" you intend to turn all your plans to reality. Yes, you are in control.

I hope these questions help you gain clarity during the Holy Week.

As you make long lasting, beautiful changes in your life there after.

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.