Mar 4 2022

5 Gifts You Deserve To Give Yourself

Written by: 
Myke Celis

When it rains, it pours.

And my heart overflows.

Words can't say how grateful I am with how the month of March started for me.

Started off by being chosen as the first featured coach for 2022 by US-based Life Coach Magazine, the second Asian to ever make it to their list. Philippines, represent! So honored indeed.

Then officially launched my global collaboration with the Chatty Mammoth by giving exclusive FREE Access to this awesome platform to the members of my #bestmeever Self-Empowerment Community.

And just now, on the 4th day of March, my latest book, #bestmeever My Life Advice : A Self-Improvement Workbook To Help You Grow Even More, Teach You How To Be Successful And Live Your Best Life , has officially made it to the international best sellers and hot new releases list of global site, Amazon. Super thankful to all those who helped and inspired me along the way. And yeah, if you're reading this, it's a sign for you to get your copy now. Hehe.

So yes, you can say I have a lot to celebrate about. And I am sure, so do you.

However, allow me to take this time to acknowledge the everyday simple joys that make my heart smile as well. Yes, it's not just about the huge milestones or the big wins.

I love the fact that I found time to enjoy my long walks after my coaching sessions.

I appreciate the random gifts my friends sent me.

The weather allowed me to sleep longer than usual.

And the list goes on.

Because of this, I realized that hey, I don't need a special occasion or a life-changing event to treat myself or appreciate myself more in the process.

Simply because, in my current state and space, I deserve to gift myself too. I don't have to wait for others to give them to me.

Allow me to share with you my list of the 5 gifts you can give yourself that you deserve:

1.) The gift of time

You can always choose to have a break to rest and recalibrate so you can always be your best. Doing such will help prevent burn out and helps keep your stress at bay. Spend it any way you want to: whether grabbing your favorite cup of coffee or enjoying the scenery while taking a long walk -- make your "me time" work for you.

2.) New learnings

You only stop growing when you stop learning. So invest on yourself and your growth by learning a new skill or reading to increase your knowledge. Know that you can always be better than what you used to be so allow yourself to maximize your full potential by becoming a curious, dedicated student of life always.

3.) Positive affirmations

If you're already doing all that you can, with all that you have, that will always be more than enough. And that itself makes you deserving of kind words that you willingly tell others. Acknowledge your own progress. Tell yourself how amazing you are and give yourself a pat on the back. Doing so keeps you inspired, minus the need for others to validate you.

4.) Pampering

I cannot emphasize enough the value of self-care in one's existence. So always make sure that you indulge in it every now and then. Know that you were never just born to work or to merely please others. So be comfortable enough in putting yourself and your needs first at times because you are just as deserving as anyone else. So go get that facial and massage and binge watch on Netflix as you detox from social media, guilt-free.

5.) Your best

Got you there huh? If you've been merely coasting through life, know that you deserve more. Stop holding back. Quite being half-hearted. Just give (and be) your 100%. Allow yourself to become your own #bestmeever so that eventually you get to enjoy life fully and as you become the person you're meant to be. Don't be afraid to fail. You, at the very least, deserve to try. And with your best, whatever the result maybe, you have just made yourself proud. Best gift ever.

I hope this list inspires you to gift yourself what is due soon.

Know that I celebrate you always. In always.

Claiming more blessings for us this March!

Begin Your #bestmeever Journey.