Written by Myke Celis

February 18, 2021

I am successful in my own way.

A long time ago, I have redefined success for myself.

Gone are the days that I have associated it with the position I had in the corporate setting, the money I was earning or the big time clients I had in my portfolio.

I realized that they didn’t really make me feel happy, complete and fulfilled at the end of the day– something I believe is key if you want to feel (and be) successful holistically.

So I redefined success accordingly when I finally embraced my calling of becoming a Global Master Coach:

Success for me is being able to do all the things I want, with the time, resources, energy and means to do so.

Putting it clearly into context, now I get to do the things I love (coaching, speaking, hosting, writing) and earn from them, while enjoying what life has to offer in between without feeling guilty (traveling, working out, Netflix hehe etc.)

I realized that for the longest time I placed myself inside a box, based on what others thought would be best for me, to which I initially agreed to at my expense.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone demarcated that first step to living a successful life for me.

And since then, people have been asking me what’s my secret to being successful.

To be candid about it, apart from the conscious choices I make every single day, I practice these 5 habits daily to keep me in that zone. Allow me to share these with you accordingly, some of which I believe I have in common with other successful people worldwide:

  1. I start every morning gratefully

Not everyone is given a chance to wake up the next day. So best to jumpstart every single day with gratefulness. What can you be thankful about? Big or small, allow yourself to start with gratitude because as you count your blessings consciously and consistently, you will never have a bad day in your life. You may want to express this via a prayer, self-talk or through journaling, whatever you’re most comfortable with. In my case, I start my day with a prayer of thanks giving followed by journaling.

2. I affirm myself

I am a big fan of self-affirmations. I always start my day facing the mirror upon getting up and engage myself in positive, empowering self-talk. I remind myself my value, my worth, my purpose and that all that I am now and all that I will ever be, is something I truly deserve, that I will always be more than enough and that the best is yet to come. Allowing myself to be at my peak state allows me to become more energized and inspired all through out the day, resulting in greater productivity and better results.

3. I practice intentional living

Every single day, I set my intentions: what I want to happen, what I want to do, what results I am looking at. Note that I did not use the word “need” simply because I want to always come from a space of inspiration and not of obligation. I find joy when I am able to create and stick to a routine that works best for me at that particular point in time, whether it includes a quick escape out of town or coffee with friends in between deadlines set. I don’t feel guilty at all because I consciously choose to prioritize not only what I need to deliver for my work but also to give what is due to myself intentionally.

4. I indulge in self-care regularly

Putting myself last is one of the biggest mistakes I had before that led me to experiencing burn outs and stress among others. So nowadays, I incorporate strategic self-care breaks in between just to pamper myself and let myself be during days when I feel like totally doing nothing. Trust me guys, it’s ok. You deserve it.

5. I practice hard stops

I intentionally stop working by 7pm. If it’s not life changing, I don’t attend to it until the next day. Why? Because work can wait, but my life can’t. I recognize the value of taking good care of myself and focusing on de-stressing after a long day and freeing my weekends so I can spend it beautifully and meaningfully with loved ones or simply recharging and recalibrating myself. After all, what is key here is that I am more than just a Global Master Coach — I am my own person. My #bestmeever outside of what I do.

So there, I hope these help you as you embark on your own journey towards your personal success.

Remember, you create the life that you want with the habits that you have.

Choose to practice each one wisely.

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