Written by Myke Celis

February 18, 2021

We made it!

And that’s one thing to celebrate about to begin with.

Indeed, 2020 was a tough year.

And that’s an understatement.

But come to think of it, it taught us a lot of valuable lessons in order to thrive next year.

Allow me to share with you these 21 tips to help you become your own #bestmeever in 2021:

  1. Always come from a space of gratitude.

– I mean, 2020 was a tough year but hey, try to acknowledge the good it may have brought to your life, whether it’s about having more time for yourself and your loved ones or finally being able to start on your passion project…choose to see reasons to be grateful for amidst adversity.

2. Let go of what didn’t work out.

– Past is past. Work with what you have here and now. It’s a starting point, not a dead end.

3. Take time to reflect.

– Pausing is powerful. That small gaps in between can determine the great things ahead thereafter.

4. Plan what’s next for you.

– Time to commit to the “next you”. How different will it be? What needs to be done to make it a reality? Jot them down and plot your timelines accordingly.

5. Indulge in self-care regularly.

– Your health and overall wellness are your greatest wealth. Take care of them well.

6. Cut ties with toxic people.

– Sanitize your space, guilt-free. You deserve that. Besides, you can always find other people who would really feel like family.Just open your mind and heart to the possibility of first setting yourself free.

7. Find yourself a job that you like.

– Like, really, really like. Go for something that goes beyond being an answer to your bills. It gets more fulfilling that way and wouldn’t feel like work at all.

8. Travel more often if you can.

– Allow yourself to learn about a new place (and yourself too) in the process as you grow in unison with the world around you. You are not meant to just settle in one place — you have the whole world to discover until you find yourself and own your chosen space.

9. Focus on what you can control.

– Don’t sweat the stuff that are beyond your control. Hope and pray for the best as you focus on prioritizing and acting on those within your sphere of influence.

10. Allow yourself to fall in love again.

– Whether it’s with yourself or with someone else, allow yourself to experience the kind of love you want and deserve. Life (and love) goes on.

11. Commit to a healthier lifestyle.

– Diet. Exercise. Detox. De-stress.

12. Learn a new skill.

– Now that you have more time on hand to reflect on the things you really want, time to stack on your skill set once more. What can help you thrive while feeling genuinely happy from within? Learn that.

13. Enjoy more home cooked meals.

– Made with love. And healthier too. Best enjoyed with your loved ones.

14. Spend more time with family.

– Family first. Everything else follows.

15. Schedule a “Me Time” daily.

-In between your busy schedules, inject quiet moments to reflect or relax by doing what you love e.g. playing with your pet, watching Netflix, gardening etc. Allow yourself to just be.

16. Be firm when you say “NO”.

– By doing so, you say yes to yourself and your growth. That’s called self-respect.

17. Try something new once in a while.

– Allow yourself to be uncomfortable as you learn and experience something unfamiliar. That will allow you to grow in the process.

18. Modify your spending habits.

-Check on your finances. Acknowledge what needs work. Create a new strategy. And monitor your spending wisely. Money isn’t everything but hey, you still have to save for the rainy days.

19. Invest in yourself more.

– How can you grow more in your current space? What needs more attention in your life now? Focus on that and nurture it. You are worth the investment.

20. Affirm yourself daily.

– Be your own greatest fan. Say all the things you need to hear without waiting for others to agree. You only have to listen to your own voice.

21 . Make your dreams come true.

– Pursue what makes you feel happy, complete and fulfilled. Don’t be afraid to start all over again. Your dreams were planted in your mind and heart for a reason. Time to bring that reason to life.

I hope these tips will allow you to thrive in 2021.

Looking forward to seeing you have your best year ever yet!

Wishing everyone of you a happy, meaningful and prosperous year ahead!

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