Written by Myke Celis

June 28, 2022

As we age, whether we like it or not, we tend to become more and more forgetful.

That’s simply a fact of life.

We constantly evolve as life happens.

We try to adapt, to endure, to do and be our best as we try to keep up with the never ending cycle of ups and downs.

In the process, at times we feel overwhelmed by everything that’s happening around us and within us.

When this happens, we tend to forget how amazing our current space it as we focus on what went wrong or what didn’t go as planned, making us want to escape from the now as we seek validation and re-assurance somewhere else.

But ask yourself this: do you really have to?

Maybe not.

Maybe it’s really not about escaping,

Maybe it’s just about remembering what needs to be our anchor as we go through life, one day at a time.

Allow me to share with you the 5 things you should never forget no matter what happens:

  1. You’re not alone

It may seem lonely at times especially if you’re coming from a break up or when you lose a friend or loved one. Never forget though that there are people around you who will be willing to help you heal and move on and forward from whatever broke you. You just have to reach out and allow others to help you unburden yourself as you let go of your pains and what could have been. Never just keep things to yourself, because yeah, you really don’t have to. You are supported and loved.

2. You have a choice

Whether to say yes or no. To stay or go. To be whatever you want to be. It all lies in your commitment to yourself and the choices you have to make in order for you to become your own #bestmeever .Nothing can stop you if you truly believe in yourself and your own purpose, regardless of what others may have to say or do about it. Never forget your power of choice because that will allow you to push through.

3. Your time will come

Not now does not mean never. You just have to be patient with yourself and your journey. Never forget that everything that’s happening to you now is just preparing you for what you truly want and deserve. Hang on. Keep the faith. Everything will fall into place once you’re truly ready.

4. You’re just as important as everyone else

Never treat yourself as less deserving. Never forget your own value, your own worth. Keep it intact always. Because at the end of the day, you matter. A lot. So don’t let anyone, or anything make you feel otherwise.

5. You are whole

As you are, despite what you’ve been through or whatever else you’re going through as of the moment, never forget that you’re whole and complete. Everything and everyone else that comes into your life is just a bonus, not a missing piece.

May you never forget all these so that you get to live and enjoy a life that’s worth remembering.

Always. In all ways.

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