New Specialized Programs

Short Programs to Help Jumpstart Your Growth

Growth will always be beautiful If you’re looking at expanding your skills set or just wanting to deepen your coaching practice or experience, you’ve clicked on the right tab. Check out these amazing short programs that will help jumpstart the growth that you want for yourself. Whether you want to be a world-class coach, a best-selling author, or  an inspiring speaker – whatever is in your heart, then make that choice. There will always be something here that will make your heart skip a beat. Go for it. And then allow yourself to grow there after, in your own space, at your own pace.

Express 1-on-1 coaching

You can never be too busy to grow into your own #bestmeever . This full comprehensive program features 24- 30 minuter coaching sessions to ensure that you get the self-empowerment you need and want as you heal and grow at your own pace. Tool kits and reflections will be given in advance so you can enjoy each session, short and sweet.

3,888 USD for the 24-session express program

Empowered Group Coaching For Amplification Of Goals

Embark on a 12-week journey together with your chosen coaching pod (Minimum of 4, maximum of 20) in this life changing journey towards achieving your biggest goals as you
become your own#bestmeever . Weekly group coaching sessions, regular accountability checks and a solid support system awaits you when you’re ready to grow to the fullest.

USD10,000 equally divided among participants

Coaching For Beginners

Ever wanted to be a coach? Curious about coaching? This is your chance to learn the basics in coaching and become whatever kind of coach you want to be. In this half day workshop, you get to learn the ropes on how it is to coach effectively as you craft powerful questions and practice with integrity. Perfect for aspiring coaches, newly certified ones and those who just want to embrace a coaching lifestyle. Open to solo and group settings.

500 USD if solo, 299 USD if group minimum of 3


Now clarity is at your fingertips when you learn how to coach yourself even without your coach around. It’s a very good way to practice your analytical and creative skills as you craft the right, powerful questions to lead you from point a to your desired point b minus the personal judgments and assumptions. This half-day workshop is a good compliment for coaches and non-coaches alike who want to grow even more outside of their regular coaching sessions. Available in solo and group settings.

500 USD solo, 299 USD if group minimum of 3

NLP/Timeline Therapy

Do you want to learn a new discipline that will teach you how to maximize the power of your mind as you create the results you want in your life? Do you want to explore another discipline that will allow you to go back in time and heal your pains from their roots as you see them in a different light? This introductory half-day workshop will give you an overview and sample application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Timeline Therapy, two of the most powerful coaching disciplines to date. Never too late to stack up on your skills and learnings because that’s part of becoming your own #bestmeever . Open to solo and group settings.

500 USD if solo, 299 USD if group minimum of 3

Writing A Best Seller

It’s quite common for people to dream of having their own book and leaving their legacy behind through what they’ve written. What if we can amp up that dream of yours as I coach you towards writing your own book and guiding you along the way on how it can become a best seller. Modesty aside, if I have done it time and again (becoming a best selling author locally and internationally with 5 inspirational titles under my name, both under a renowned publisher and self-published), I think I would be one of your best bets for this journey of yours. 12 in-depth coaching and mentoring sessions to inspire and mold you to become the best selling author you’re meant to be. Time to write the next chapter of your story.

2400 USD solo, 1200 USD if group minimum of 4

Delivering a TED Talk

Standing inside that red circle on the TEDx stage 14 times is definitely life changing for me as I inspired people with my 18 minuter talk alongside the top thought leaders and game changers from all over the world. Having experienced delivering my TED talk locally and internationally, with my videos featured in the prestigious, allowed me to gain credibility and global recognition like no other. Is it easy to deliver a TED talk? No. Is it worth it? A resounding YES. This is not your usual public speaking course. This one can definitely change your life, like how I changed those who have witnessed me speak onstage. 12 Mentoring Sessions that will lead you to pitch and package your own TED Talk, and hopefully get it off your bucket list.

5000 USD solo, 1500 USD if group minimum of 5

ICF-Mentorship For Credentials

The International Coaching Federation is the most prestigious coaching organization worldwide that upholds the gold standards in coaching practices. Being a credentialed coach of the ICF gives you access to the global network and increases your net worth as companies and individuals seek those with legitimate affiliations and certifications. If you’ve already embarked on your ICF certification journey and you need to fill in your mentorship hours, I can journey with you as you work on your Associate Certified Coach and Professional Certified Coach rank, as a Professional Certified Coach of the ICF myself. 12 in-depth sessions that will help you dive into the core competencies and ethics of the ICF while fine tuning your coaching skills and helping you build your own coaching practice altogether, as you pass the ICF’s CKA exams and recorded coaching conversation requirements with the greatest of ease.

5000 USD solo, 2500 USD if group minimum of 4

Coaching Certification And Mentorship

If you’re ready to invest on yourself and your growth as you become the coach you want to be, then this one’s for you. Become a certified life empowerment coach/professional coach of choice and professionalize your service as you undergo an intensive mentorship program at par with global standards. Remember, getting certified by a reputable coaching institution and having a top-notched, highly credible mentor is the best, most responsible way to go as you build your coaching muscles and strengthen and eventually launch your coaching practice.

Program Price Certification-Local (2 days): 1,288 USD solo, 888 group minimum of 5
Certification-International (3 days): 2000 USD solo, 1599 group minimum of 5
Mentorship Program (12 sessions): 11,111 USD solo, 11,111 group rate divided by members minimum of 5

Thought Leadership Academy

Integrity. Credibility. Influence. Whether you are just starting in your career or half way there, now is the perfect time to start positioning yourself as an authority in your industry. Grow your reach and followers, create high-impact, high quality, well-thought of articles, posts, talks and videos, land and ace local and international media interviews and features and highlight your expertise across multimedia platform as you become highly attractive to your target market and to brands and companies who will want to work with you. Get ready to take up more space in the next 12 weeks as you build yourself as a formidable thought leader through this one of a kind hybrid coaching and mentorship program.

8,888 USD solo, 10,888 group rate equally divided into members minimum of 4